A-Town Stomp 2013 in Atlanta, USA

Carson Starnes dropped us a note about the competition he's holding in ATL with his brother this August. A-Town Stomp 2013 is going down August 24th in Atlanta, Georgia! Be there!

285source.com: Amazing Atlanta Scene Coverage

As part of our constant efforts of "pointing you to the good stuff", we post this hint to the new blog thingy the Atlanta, GA scene has started not long ago. So far, they have posted two amazing edits by David Sizemore and a few neat images by several photographers. To sum everything up, Walt Austin.

A-Town Stomp ‘Twothless’ in Atlanta, USA

We were lucky enough to create this event with Carson Starnes starting last year and last year's competition got crazy. We wanted to make everything bigger and better this year. We have more prize money this year and we know our local organizer Carson has got some new stuff up his sleeve for next weekend's competition!