First Official Be-Mag Winterclash 2012 Edit by Benjamin Büttner

Every year that the Winterclash goes down it seems like bladers are constantly upping their game. Whether it be the tricks that they've mastered all year to bring to the contest, the creative lines that they are putting together with existing and new obstacles or even how intoxicated they're going to get before, during and after the session. Winterclash is the kick off for the contest season and a glimpse into what 2012 has in store. From what I can gather, the future is looking bright.

Here we are – trailer

Rollerblading in East Germany will get a new label to associate with. This might be "He we are" which is a new film project by Benjamin Büttner. This movie will feature East Germany's best shredders. The trailer is promising and the producer is giving us a hard time since we don't know when this movie is going to be released!


Half a year after it happened, we get to see what went down at the Abriss III competition in Berlin. Camera:...