‘Originals’: John Bolino

Create Originals presents an online team video series, 'Originals'. The second installment features pro team rider, and New Jersey native John Bolino. Filmed entirely in Boston, Massachusetts.

John Bolino’s ‘Pariah’ Profile

Adam Johnson uploaded John Bolinos 'Pariah' section to Youtube. For the people who didn't pirate it. For the folks that haven't pira... ummm, haven't seen it yet: Be careful to not wet your vests, because this shit is sick...

Brian Weis breaking in his SSM John Bolino Skates

This is Brian's first session on the new SSM John Bolino pro blades. It also happens to be his first section back on blades since he fractured his skull a month or so ago. Everything was shot in Pontiac, MI over the span of two hours. Enjoy this promo featuring one of Detroit's top bladers and SSM rising talent. -Noah Zipster

SSM John Bolino & USD Carbon 4 Skates available for Test Rides at rollTogether #19

rollTogether #19 is this Saturday. Amongst the many good things that such sessions provide, you will also be able to test SSM John Bolino and USD Carbon 4 skates at no charge. Just go to The Conference or Swankrolling booth, hand them your ID, drivers license, or your vest, and off you go with a pair of these skates. Both skates will be available in all sizes, but we advise to act quickly because first come first serve!

Gore, Satan, Metal, & Blading: The John Bolino Interview

John Bolino is a nutty fucker. If you’ve seen his sections, you know that by his skating and his b-roll footage. This 21-year-old Atlantic City, N.J. native who came up in Philadelphia makes an impact anywhere he goes. Most of the time he doesn’t even need to put on his skates to do it. John answered some of my bullshit questions earlier this week at the Shredweiser house and he gave his insight on his mixed feelings about living in Oakland, selling weed for a living, and the potential for violence should Shredweiser ever play a show. Oh yeah, and his new pro skate from SSM. To set up the interview, I was at the Shredweiser house on a Monday night. We finished our second 18 pack of Bud, the guys were done playing metal upstairs, and Austin Barrett was tattooing my buddy, Tyler Noland, in Chris Daffick’s bedroom. John finished making scrambled eggs at 10 p.m. He had put in a VHS movie and was talking it up.

Revolution “On The Spot” with John Bolino

John Bolino is unreal, it makes you sick watching him skate. He's at the forefront of progression, showing us all what is possible on a set of blades. But, does he care to be in the limelight? No. That's what makes John stand out, he's humble, and he is loyal to the simple things in life. Having fun with his friends, and blading because he loves it. -James Johnson