Ground Control Video ‘GC.1’ by Simon Mulvaney: Brian Aragon Profile

Released in 2011, Ground Control came to define a years worth of achievement from the blading community. Featuring a strong roster of talent from the team itself and directed by Simon Mulvaney, this film tells a story of the frames beneath the feet of every GC rider. The final section of the film, Episode 12 shows us exactly why Brian Aragon is considered one of the greatest bladers our sport has ever seen. Switch grinds, flips, insane switch ups, huge gaps, all executed with flawless style. -Simon Mulvaney

Razors releases new Brian Aragon Pro Blades

Skate sensation Brian Aragon, who is one of the most hyped skaters ever was honored with his 5th signature skate. The Razors A5 comes with a canvas soft top with white and blue accent colors and reflects his solid performance in skating and focus on style and detail.

In Depth: Brian Aragon

Brian Aragon, undoubtedly one of the top and most influential rollerbladers in the history of the sport. He wins competitions, has a flawlessly fluid style, inspires rollers both old and new, represents the sport in a positive way, and he never quits…anything. It is no secret that this superstar will be remembered for a long time and share in history with the likes of Dustin Latimer, Jon Julio, Arlo Eisenberg, and Chris Edwards. With his skating being in the limelight for quite some time now people think they’ve got him figured out; who he is, why he is, and what he’s all about. But, do you really know all there is to know about Brian Aragon?

Brian Aragon’s Massive Fall at the Winterclash

As you already may have found out, Brian Aragon took a bad fall at the 2012 Winterclash. Luckily he is fine! We held back the clip of the fall, since it is in our opinion that it is up to Brian to decide if this clips should be posted or not. Brian gave us the go ahead, so here are the clips from his massive 540 flatspin attempt. We hope you are back on skates as fast as possible Brian!

An Interview with Brian Aragon by Pro Tips 4 U

Brian Aragon talks about his toughest moments, his approach on dangerous tricks and how he deals with the fear. He also shares his opinion about his first experiences in competitions and the key factors of his success. Check out the interviews by Pro Tips 4 U in five parts.