Brian Long ‘Shop Tasktivist’ Edit by Danny Beer

Brian has the steeze, experience, and brains to make blading look amazing. All he needs is an ice coffee and a banana to start the engine. When he isn't being productive in the Shoptask warehouse or shop, he's getting nice on the blades. -Danny Beer

Brian Weis: Gone

It wasn't long ago that we praised Detroit's finest Brian Weis' hard shredding and great work ethic, and he proves us right once again with this...

Hometown Sessions: Brian Bruno – Bloomingdale, Illinois

In this new Be-Mag series we'll be zooming in on the sessions that some of your favorite bladers are having right in their hometowns. Brian Bruno was more than happy to provide us with the first Hometown Session, straight out of Bloomingdale, Illinois.

Razors releases new Brian Aragon Pro Blades

Skate sensation Brian Aragon, who is one of the most hyped skaters ever was honored with his 5th signature skate. The Razors A5 comes with a canvas soft top with white and blue accent colors and reflects his solid performance in skating and focus on style and detail.

San Francisco Visitor’s Guide by Brian Krans

San Francisco is a visiting skater’s paradise. Besides the spot list that can go on forever provided you have adequate imagination and the ability to bomb 45-degree hills, the night scene is enough to bring your internal bruising up to par with your skating wounds.

In Depth: Brian Aragon

Brian Aragon, undoubtedly one of the top and most influential rollerbladers in the history of the sport. He wins competitions, has a flawlessly fluid style, inspires rollers both old and new, represents the sport in a positive way, and he never quits…anything. It is no secret that this superstar will be remembered for a long time and share in history with the likes of Dustin Latimer, Jon Julio, Arlo Eisenberg, and Chris Edwards. With his skating being in the limelight for quite some time now people think they’ve got him figured out; who he is, why he is, and what he’s all about. But, do you really know all there is to know about Brian Aragon?