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A-Town Stomp 2015

For the 6th year in a row, Carson and Brian Starnes are hosting the infamous A-Town Stomp. Atlanta’s well-known annual street comp is not only...

Andrew Waddle: New Orleans Bayou Bash 2013

In a few weeks time New Orleans will be the scene for the Bayou Bash, the local blading competition. This year the competition is taken back to its roots on the streets of the Southern city. We checked in with organizer Andrew Waddle and talked about the history of the competition, skating in New Orleans and got a preview of the spots.

Competition Report: A Town Stomp

On August 17th, 2012 competitors and friends began to arrive in our fair city. Solid street clips were acquired. The evening overtook us and we hunkered down to feast and imbibe libations.

A-Town Stomp ‘Twothless’ in Atlanta, USA

We were lucky enough to create this event with Carson Starnes starting last year and last year's competition got crazy. We wanted to make everything bigger and better this year. We have more prize money this year and we know our local organizer Carson has got some new stuff up his sleeve for next weekend's competition!

Report: First Annual „Too Cold To Blade Outside“ Competition

Going into this I knew that it was going to be hectic. For years I have been hosting local shows and helping promote parties so as putting it all together and making people want to come would not be a problem. I mean if you think about all I really did was state the obvious. It is the middle of January, of course it is „Too Cold To Blade Outside“.