‘Winter Montage’ by CanisLatrans

It's been a long time since we last had the pleasure to watch a new CanisLatrans edit. The wait is now over, as are the long months of low temperatures and constant wet ground... Hopefully...

Baltic Games 2011 Contest Report + Official Edit by CanisLatrans

Some of you may already have heard about Rollfest – the annual gathering that brings polish rollerbladers together during one summer week at seaside resort Triocity. This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of this crazy event which was special in every possible way. Since 2009 Rollfest was able to serve as a gathering for even more participants due to the Baltic Games festival, which is treated as the climax of the Rollfest. I can easily say that's the biggest and most prestigious skatepark contest throughout the year. With attendance of bladers as Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, Fredrik Andersson, Alex Burston, Dre Powell, Nils Jansons, Mark Wojda, Fritz Peitzner, Josh Glowicki, Scott Quinn or Dominik Wagner – just to name a few – you can be sure to expect a show of highest levels!

Go High 2011 – promo

Check out the promo edit for the Go High competition 2011 on August the 20th in Poland. Filmed and edited by Canis Latrans.

Hedonskate Team: Hawk Town Crew

Amazing how the Polish scene always comes up with quality stuff both skating and production wise. Skaters in this edit are Lukasz Malewski, Przemek Madej and Krystian Zarzeczny. Filmed by Przemek Madej and Canis Latrans. Edited by Przemek Madej.

Hedonskate sunday rapskating

Here we go with another Canis Latrans production featuring Hedon Skate shop owner Mirek Ragan as well as some others of the Hedon Skate family.

Radek Kojtych

Check out this badass Canis Latrans profile of Radek Kojtych from Poland! As you can see in this edit Radek is able to shred all kinds of terrains. Lean back and enjoy this nice video piece!

CL Videocast #1: Bartek Zgrzeblak

CanisLatrans presents the first of many videocasts, this time featuring Polish skater Bartek Zgrzeblak. In the video description it says all clips were recorded in three days. But even without this information you'd find this profile impressive. Skating starts around 2:20 minutes.

East Side Jam 2011 Report + Official Edit

Lublin is a moderate-sized city in eastern Poland, a place you probably never heard of. But last week something notable happened. Yet another great get-together for Polish rollerbladers, the fourth edition of our annual competition called East Side Jam.

Piotrek Combrznski Interview + Exclusive “Sky Is The Limit” Preview

There are few bladers from Poland that are known internationally – Piotrek Combrzynski is one of them. Super humble and quiet as a person yet a beast as a rollerblader. As a teenager he polished his skills at many skateparks in Europe just to bring them to the street now and amaze us with his solid style, confidence and consistency. Piotrek is one of those people who makes session really fun and amusing, he will always come to you after you land anything and give you props! After a long brake in 2010 caused by the collar injury, Piotrek made a smooth come back with his Bristol edit (made by Canislatrans) and now, thanks to Be-mag, you will have a chance to get more insight into Piotrek's past, present and future!

Hedonskate in Sweden

Check out this fluffy edit and watch the Hedonskate and their working crew rolling. Starring: Nils Jansons, Radek Kojtych, Fredrik Andersson,...