Cavin Brinkman on his Film ‘The Breakfast Club’ + Official Trailer

'The Breakfast Club' is the newest video project out of the Netherlands, aka Holland, or for some people just Amsterdam! That is precisely where the maker of this project is from. We are speaking of Cavin Brinkmann, supported by his sidekick, the no less infamous dog Bobby! Cavin is the dude that you see dancing in those crazy Dutch edits. Do not get the wrong idea though, Cavin is a guy that puts all his energy into what he does. Living in Amsterdam has not made him a drug addict that would abandon skating for a high – skating and filming skating is his high!

Montre Livingston in Amsterdam

Here's a small edit featuring some of the tricks Montre was lacing yesterday during the pre-session and the soul session at Sloterdijk. Stay tuned a for a bigger edit with more tricks and also tricks from Skateland, where we will be skating today! Shout out to all the Be-mag readers from Montre!


»A pregnant woman far away ran after us, while screaming loud in Spanish. Because of San Juan, the whole beach was full of drunk, knocked-out and sleeping people. The screaming was just one of many sounds that morning, decorating the beautiful view. After walking through the sand for 5 hours, and being awake for more than 24 hours, there was nothing left to talk.«

Rollerblade AM Tour through the Netherlands

»We woke up early and drove to Rotterdam Skateland. I spoke with the owners of the park and they were willing to let us skate the park before it opened. Which was cool because we had the whole park on our own for 7 skaters. Dick Heerkens and Adil Farhouni also joined the session.«