‘Dreambender’ by Ryan Buchanan

Ryan wanted to do an edit to this song for long. And he did. Skating by Alex Braunagel, Luke Kimberly, Ryan Daily, Sergio Ybarra, Andrew Scherf, Josh Morgan , Casey Mcfarland, Chad Hornish, Jacey Heimer, Kenny Scherf, and Travis Rhodes.

Sin City Session 2012 Edit by Daniel Scarano

Daniel Scaranos view on the Sin City Session 2012 organized by Chris Calkins. Featuring Chris Calkins, Tony Rivituso, Franky Zhang, Kasra Ghaharian, Aarin Gates, Tim Franken, Joey Jaime, Daniel Rosado, Jeremy Cloe, Russell Day, Chris Napoleon, Chad Hornish, Jon Easy, Tyler Hester, the one and olny R-MONEY$$$, Nacho Romero, Coco Sanchez, Fallon Heffernan, Andrew DiPalo, Anthony Luna, Dre Powell & Derek Stanton.

Trailer for ‘You Become A Monster’ by Ryan Buchanan

Ryan just released the trailer for his video 'You Become A Monster' which is scheduled for release on Halloween. Bladers in this trailer are Luke Kimberly, Ryan Daily, Kenny Scherf, Jacey Heimer, Sergio Ybarra, Chad Hornish, Brandon Koonjy, Eric Gentile, Alec Gentile, Andrew Nemiroski, Dylan Davis, Mike Dritlein, Zared Yates, Andrew Scherf and Casey Mcfarland. Definitely a release to look forward to because dudes shred!

TNS Freestone – Ledge Session

Ledeg session at Freestone Skate Park with skating by Andrew Scherf, Alec Gentile, Eric Gentile, Tyler Schmidt, Luke Kimberly, Devan Stewart, Derik Fenstermacher, Taylor Monnig, Xathan Stewart, Kenny Scherf, and Chad Hornish.

Tempe TNS Ledge Shred

Revolution’s Thursday Night Skate drops another edit with some ledge sessions going down at Tempe Skatepark. Mason Richard, Scott Wells, Chad Hornish, Ben Karris, Kris Troyer, and James Johnson all getting dirty in front of Derek Stanton’s camera. In the end it’s a tight mix polished with some fresh beats.

You Become Leftovers

Check out this sweet leftover edit featuring : Luke Kimberly, Ryan Daily, Sergio Ybarra, Jacey Heimer, Kenny Scherf, Chad Hornish and Zared Yates.

Photographer Profile: Dale Travers

Dale Travers has been photographing skating since 1996 and has been travelling all over the world to shoot his photos. He is currently living in Brisbane, Australia, but has spent time living in London, and has seen large portions of Europe and the United States. He is currently working on improving his skill by working for a big commercial photography company, and meanwhile still has time to work on his personal projects.

Competition Report: Beat the Chump 4

If there is one thing I’m starting to realize in rollerblading, it’s that thirty is quickly becoming the new twenty. Last weekend in Bellevue, Washington, rollerbladers from all around the northwest US and southwest CA came out for the fourth installment of the Beat the Chump 4 contest, the Seattle-area park competition with a unique run-based format. Skaters take turns doing lines through the compact park until they stop, or fall. It’s a nice break from the common Jam Session format, which often proves dangerous in Bellevue Indoor.