New Chiaki Ito Edit

Chiaki is still down for the cause after many years on the blades. At this point of a news post, we would normally point out who helped film or edited this video... all that stuff. But this time, we have no further information to share. At least none we can easily decipher. Everything is set in these exotic letters. We could of course use one of these translation services on the web, but that'd mean there would be no time left to watch the edit a second time. Also... too much work. Anyways, enjoy the edit.

Claps Move 18 by Chiaki Ito

In this edit you can see Chiaki Ito taking down a local skatepark in Japan. Together with his friends Hidekazu Ito, Hiraku Kajiyama, Jiro Nagetro, Kei Takanashi, Shigero Mori, and Tomohisa Hayakawa they make sure they lace every obstacle available. Enjoy!

Chiaki Ito: new edit

Here is a brand new edit featuring Japan's legend Chiaki Ito. Chiaki Ito used to skate in the XGames back in 1995 and he is still rocking it. Check it out.

Legendary Style – Chiaki Ito!

Ever wondered how all these Japanese cats have this immaculate style?! Maybe this guy is the reason!? Check out this old section of Chiaki Ito ripping up Japan.

G Skatepark Section in Japan by Yuto Goto

In this edit you can see the best talents from Japan showing off their skills in the G Skatepark. Check out Eiji Sakihara, Haruki Dozen, Katsuhiko Sagata, Kazuho Kumazawa, Yoshiki Kimura, Chiaki Ito, Koichi Iguchi, Yuto Goto, and Toru Shirai as the show no fear and rip up the park.


Japan's finest rollers featuring Chiaki Ito, Soichiro Kanashima, Katsuhiko Sagata, Koichi Iguchi etc. embark upon a country trip. If you are from Japan we recommend you to follow their tour van.

Shinjuku and Shibuya Night Skate (Tokio)

Feast your eyes on this beautifully edited piece of videography! Our japanese friends spent time in Shinjuku and Shibuya to capture the magic of the Tokio nightlife spiced with some rolling flavour. Plus it´s always good to spot Chiaki Ito doing some magic on wheels!

Asian X-Games 2011 Live-Update #2

First batch of pics from the contest. Coco Sanchez, Chiaki Ito, Anthony Avella, Chris Haffey, Leo Kamburov, Franky Zhang, Cesar Andrade and many more showing their best of tricks to impress the judges.

Yuto Goto: One Minute One Spot

Back in the day there was Japan's posterboy Chiaki Ito appearing on all the major contests (XGames, ASA etc.) worldwide. Today there are some new faces and talents stepping up the game and drawing a lot more attention to Japan from the rest of the rolling world again. We approached Yuto (one of the new talents) two weeks ago and received this edit almost 24 hours later. This guy not only impressed us with his dedication, but more with his solid skating talent that you can see in this edit. When he answered the questions that we sent him there was one answer that made us smile. His favorite skater from back in the day is Alex Broskow (and not for example Chiaki Ito). Yuto seems to be just too new-school to know any of the legendary skaters. But seeing his One Minute One Spot there is no sign of being new school anymore...he already seems to be conscience-proof and talented like the older guys.