Full DVD online: Rollingrock Mixtape 2010 by Claudio Antonelli

This is the first Rolling Rock video ever released, featuring all current team riders from the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Profiles on Adrian Deck, Claudio Bohli, Beat Schillmeier, Reto Bürgin, miniviews on Ramon Wüst, Roger Sutter, Jan Nachbur, Michael Pfeiler, Benjamin Wehrli & Jimmy Phay.

Nicolas Schopfer Xsjado 2012 Edit

Please enjoy the latest edit from Nicolas Schopfer, shredding the streets of Geneva! Filmed by Reto Bürgin, Mihai Bivol, Claudio Bohli, Albert Hooi, Arnaud Mutschler, Claudio Antonelli and Geo Dubreuil.

A CHOSEN FEW Street Competition – Basel, Switzerland

The Swiss ACF street comp is going down this weekend in Basel Switzerland. Be there for an awesome competition. Razors, BE-MAG and Rolling Rock skate shop will be sponsoring it and top 10 will be receiving WRS and ACF points. Top 3 will be qualified for the Finals in LA. Thanks to Claudio Antonelli's help we will have a great street comp to offer so come on out for what will be a spectacular day of skating in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. BE THERE!!!!

Mind the Gap in Zurich, Switzerland

Claudio Antonelli covered the Mind the Gap Zurich stop for RollingrockTV. Watch David Sizemore, Jan Nachbur, Maxime Genoud, Adrian Deck and more while they're minding the gap.

Adrian Deck: Clips and Questions

Adrian Deck is way more awesome than Google Translate. The latter never won Winterclash, shredded the hell out of multiple handrails at once, or made the following badass blading edit. Adrian took the time to talk to us about skating, social media, anger, pain and his home country. Thanks a million to Adrian, for taking the time for this interview, for ripping hard and for letting us see him do it. No thanks at all to Google, because me and Adrian made this readable our damn selves.

Lausanne Contest 2011 Live-Update #5: The unbeatable Beat

According to our Be-Mag filmers and photographers Beat Schillmeier killed it all day. Due to rain setting in 10 minutes after the pro comp started the contest was evacuated into the skatepark of Lausanne. We'll see how it goes from there and what the bad weather means for tomorrow.

Chosen Few Comps 2011: Curtains up for the Top 3

The #1 gratification for doing these street comps is recognizing the great talent the rollerblading world has to offer. Achosen-Few likes to personally recognize the talents of each of the top 3 competitors from all the Chosen Few competitions this year. If you or your friend finished top 3 at any ACF comp expect to see his name in this article. Curtains up for Tyler Hester, Anthony Luna, Russell Day, Cyril Daniel, Daniel Henderson, Lucas Landthaler, Arsenio Patterson, Mark Wojda, Shane Thompson, Eugen Enin, Beat Schillmeier, Iain McLeod, Alex Burston, Michael Braud, Dylan Hopp, Bartek Zgrzeblak, Jon Erickson, Chris Murphy, Jose Henriquez, Dan Mclaren, Robin Weber, Russell Dineen, Tom Burch, Jon Fromm, Bartek Kasprzycki, Pat Curran, Blake Taylor, Cameron Card, Elliot Stevens, Danny Figgz and Stephane DeFreitas.

Chosen-Few Switzerland Street Comp Report

The Swiss comp in Basel was the smallest event I have ever had but the quality of talent was high. One of the important things about these street comps are to do something big for each skate scene. This comp had a small turn out but we had some of our youngest competitors. 3 skaters who were only 15 years old we're skating along side guys like Beat Schillmeier and Diego Guilloud.

Reconstruction of Rolling Rock Skatepark in Switzerland

The Rolling Rock skate shop & park was founded in 1996 by Simon Eichenberger and Thomas Georg. Local heroes like Beni Huber started skating here and the Rolling Rock Team consisted of influential Swiss skaters like Sandro Brun, Jona Messerli, Cossimo Tassone und Beat Schillmeier. Theres just a small market for "aggressive" skating in Switzerland and that’s one of the reasons why the skatepark is built to cater to families and their weekend recreation. A round course, hockey fields, a trampoline and lots of small stuff to have fun on with the family. Of course there was the big vert ramp and the large curved quarter which fills one entire side of the park.

ACHOSEN-FEW.COM 2011 Street Comps Announcement

This year ACHOSEN-FEW.COM is throwing 10 street comps around the world. We have competitions in California, Atlanta, New York, England, Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Utah. We have some great local organizers for each competition who are the reasons that this series is possible.

Rolling Rock Team DVD – Teaser

After almost 15 years of existence The Rolling Rock Team is finally working on a DVD which will be out Mid Winter. See it online for free, or on DVD (if you buy something on Rollingrock.ch)