FOOD trailer #01 Clément Boucau

This is the first trailer for a new brand from France, entitled FOOD. The brand will be represented by a team composed of Clement Boucau, Pierre Akrich and Nicolas Auroux. Other guests will appear regularly in support of the brand. Here you can see a nice clip of Clement Boucau.

‘Wolfpack’ Trailer

Mourad Leuchi and Valentin Tuil of Arcena Officiel just released the trailer for Arcena's 2013 team video 'Wolfpack' feat. Nicolas Auroux, Allan Beaulieu, Clement Boucau, Louis Vilar, and David Aubert. You may want to watch this...

Arcena – 2010 Retrospective

Arcena 2010 retrospective starring Nicolas Auroux, Ilia Koutchoukov, Clément Boucau, Allan Beaulieu, Manon Derrien, Nicolas Paccarreta, Antsa Miandra Rajaonarison and AL.


What is it that makes the French so stylish? Is it the garlic, the wine or the women? Le Seans Vasco Moyal, Clément Boucau, Christophe Brumby,...