‘Dag Days’: Cody Sanders Section

When Cody first moved to Austin we began filming for his section, but after his luck ran out couch surfing, he had to move back home due to lack of funds and a place to stay. Maybe a month later Cody came back... so we had to start over. Here's the result. Enjoy. -Anthony Medina

‘Dag Days’: Intro + Outro

'Dag Days' features profiles on Rob Zbranek, Ian Freunscht, Ryan Rasmussen, Logan Harlan, Cody Sanders, Fritz Peitzner, and Josh Glowicki. -Anthony Medina

Trailers for ‘Dag Days’ by Anthony Medina

'Dag Days' is my latest all Texas video featuring full sections on Ian Freunscht, Josh Glowicki, Logan Harlan, Fritz Peitzner, Ryan Rasmussen, Cody Sanders, and Rob Zbranek. Also featuring Brady Johnston, Troy Maimone, Mason Richard, William Isaac, Julian Isaac, Josh Navarifar, and many more. DVDs are available now! If your shop of choice doesn't have Dag Days, tell them to carry it! -Anthony Medina

ARIZONA by Andrew Nemiroski

Beautiful video featuring skating of Brian Bina, Alec Gentile, Travis Rhodes, James Johnson, Xathan Stewart, Gary Murphy, Chad Caroselli, Andrew Johnston, Cody Sanders and Andrew Nemiroski.