Craig Brocklehurst Valo edit

Check out this sweet edit by Dom West (Vine St. producer) showing Australian Valo rider Craig Brocklehurst while he sessions a Mini-ramp. Clean slow-motion shots mixed with Craig's buttery-smooth steeze which will motivate you to grab your skates.

Cj Wellsmore UC 2012 Edit

Cj Wellsmore's new edit for UC is completely bonkers. Even if you keep in mind that Craig Brocklehurst isn’t a videographer nor Cj an editor. Additional clips by Josh Nielsen. More, plz.

Canberra Road Trip by Dom West

Canberra road trip edit by Dom West. Blading from Cj Wellsmore, Craig Brocklehurst, Rhys Bell, Danny Jensen, Hadrien Bastouil, Lil Tom and Kayd Anderson.

In the Know: CJ Wellsmore

Although relatively new to the spotlight, CJ has had wheels under his feet since the beginning, and has been competing internationally for over a decade. Starting at such a young age and skating in the shadows of Australian legends like Cesar Mora and Matt Salerno has left CJ with an unmistakable natural style for skating, especially on transition. Since returning to his blades in 2005 – after a short break for beach lifestyle – in just a few years, CJ has refined his skills and established himself as one of the worlds top bladers. CJ's skills on the blades are undeniable, even to the outsider's eye, but what makes his skating even more enjoyable to watch is the fact you can tell how much he loves it. CJ still has the same passion for skating as he did when he first started, which I think is what's needed to inspire the next generation of skaters.

ARO 2011 Live updates #2

It's taken some time but it's worth it. Well, maybe not because of some technical hassles and wireless broadband not being great in the bush Capital. Some pics and clips from through the heats. Headcam thanks to Gav Drumm and Liquid Image.