Dallas Fort Worth B.L.A.D.E. Competition by Pat Leal

Richard Wilson came out nowhere and decided to host a B.L.A.D.E competition in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. He even invited his friend Matt Mickey of Intuition Skate Shop to help out with his first time event. All in all, this was just another excuse to bring together the disconnected blader crews of north Texas. Big ups to Big Bird and everyone that came out. -Pat Leal

“The Worst Summer” by Paul John

Really weak edit featuring the worst dudes. Namely Andrew Jacuzzi, Quintin Lamb, Hunter Harper, Taylor Popham, Dallas Wilson, Zach Tierce, Travis Rhodes and Paul John. Filmed and edited by Paul John.

Quick Shred 2 by Malcolm Heard

Nice flow in this edit by Malcolm Heard that features blading by Dylan Davis, Thinh Le, Brian Bina, Dean Coward, Matt "Foz" Langel, Quintin Lamb, Zach Tierce, Andrew Jacuzzi, Hunter Harper, Taylor Popham, Travis Rhodes, Malcolm Heard and Dallas Wilson.

Psyko Clothing tour in Puerto Rico

The tour started off by picking up Damien Wilson and Casey aka "Nut" McFarland at JFK airport on Monday afternoon. I definitely thought the flight would be delayed, but there is nothing stopping wild boys from Santee from a party. For an hour we cruised around in this infamous air train going around in circles ending up lost in the tube.

Todd McInerney Interview

If you really think about it, rollerblades are silly. But thankfully there are people who discover a piece of their spirit in these wheeled boots... and they get hooked. Rollerblading is lucky that Todd got hooked (and so am I). Although it's difficult to pinpoint what sparked Todd's lifelong interest in skating, I've often had a theory that rollerblading gave Todd something that he couldn't find anywhere else. There's nothing silly about that...