Action Made Razorblade

Nice park edit featuring: Marsel Dove, Tyler Hester, Alex Clifton, Brooks Nelson, Shawn Rodriguez and Damon Franklin.

USD: A Day at Woodward West

Videographers Erick Rodriguez and Ulysse Prom teamed up for USD's latest edit, featuring up-and-comer Damon Franklin and the untouchable legend that...

Competition Report: AIL Championships 2011

The AIL Championships were held this past weekend on Saturday November 5th 2011 at Woodward West in Tehachapi California. I have been waiting for this day since the preliminary competition held back in April, so needless to say I was uber excited to attend the event!

Chosen Few Comp Rankings before the Final Event on September 3rd in Los Angeles

The Chosen Few Finals have arrived once again and I can say without a doubt it is going to be an epic competition. Skaters all over the world have competed this year at ACF competitions. Every competition has determined the top 10 skaters and they have all earned points. We have organized 9 competitions with local organizers and included another 3 competitions to the series as well. Find all standings here and find out who might compete in the finals on September 3rd in Los Angeles!

A Chosen Few Rockillers Street Comp Report

The first Chosen Few street event of the season was the Rockillers street comp which included local organizers such as Alejoh Candelo, Iain Mcleod, Winston Wardwell and Colin Mcleod. They decided the location should be Riverside, a town full of spots way east towards the mountains. The meeting spot was Chino skate park which is a popular skate park amongst any SoCal blader. People got right to work before the competition even began.