‘Leon Blades’ Edit featuring Leon Basin by Danny Beer

Leon Basin, enjoys rollerblading. In fact, he established his own business revolving around it. I've been blading together with Leon for quite some time, and he always has something fresh to offer. Whether it's a new idea, or bringing back the basics, Basin never fails to impress me. Here is a little something we've been working on, hope you like it. -Danny Beer

Brian Long ‘Shop Tasktivist’ Edit by Danny Beer

Brian has the steeze, experience, and brains to make blading look amazing. All he needs is an ice coffee and a banana to start the engine. When he isn't being productive in the Shoptask warehouse or shop, he's getting nice on the blades. -Danny Beer

Fester Wheels: Danny Beer Flow Edit

Mathieu Ledoux vouched for Danny's skating, that was good enough for us to put him on. Danny has a creative outlook on skating, his spot selection is refreshing, and you can see that he loves to skate. We're juiced to have Danny rep Fester Wheels. -Damien Wilson

Summer in Vancouver Edit by Danny Beer

We were given the opportunity to watch this edit before it was released. Then we lost the password and couldn't watch it again. Bummer. Thankfully it's public now for everyone to see. Buffering.

Danny Beer USD Edit

We still think this kid has the best last name ever. His impeccable style and great finesse on skates impresses us every time he puts out something new. Peep his first edit since he joined USD!

‘Imagine Blade Shun’: A Video by Dustin Werbeski, presented by Shop Task

Simply, it’s a Canadian skate video. Shot in 2009/2010… and is just now being released in 2013. It focuses on the individual perspectives and imaginations of Todd McInerney, Leon Basin and Dustin Werbeski. Along with other creative Canadian friends like Matt Ledoux, Sean Knight, Shaun Unwin, Danny Beer and Josh Silver – just to name a few. -Leon Basin