Jojo Jacobi & Dirk Oelmann about Realstreet Berlin 2012

Be-Mag checked in with Jojo Jacobi and Dirk Oelmann who are bringing back a Realstreet Event to Germany's capital. The timing seems right. Europe's best bladers will make it to Berlin to battle it out for the crown. And as you might expect Jojo brings in a few high-level people from the States!

Dirk Oelmann: Devoted to Blading

Dirk Oelmann devoted his life to blading; in return, it's time we devote a bit of our time to him. The German blader and fashion-designer is featured in a video that has been selected for a film festival called WEBCUTS in Berlin. Voting is still open for this nice little documentary where he opens the doors to his work and life, as well as shredding the streets of Berlin!

Hedonskate Working Crew: Dirk Oelmann

Hedonskate has been making moves recently. Check out this promo featuring their crew member Dirk Oelmann. The video is a must watch if you're from Germany or German speaking and want to know what Hedonskate has been up to!

Dirk Oelmann documenting the Scene in Portugal

Earlier this year I had the great chance to spend three weeks in Portugal. I started my trip in Porto and stayed there at Marcello Oliveira's place. After some days of skating and filming for another project I went down south to meet up with Bruno Santos, who's the owner of Rove Skateshop in Leiria and made this little interview with him. We had great a time and it was really nice to be involved in his daily life!

Ignition City Guide Berlin by Dirk Oelmann

A City Guide is a simple way to introduce a new place and country to people who want to travel there. It gives them insight on the best of the best it has to offer from food, art, fashion/design and skate spots. At the beginning of last year I started to work on a Berlin guide for Ignition Skateshop. The first city guide I created was for Helsinki, Finland in my spare time while I worked in the graphic design department of my university. This was a fun side project for me when I studied there for six months on an exchange program in 2008.

X-Mas Jam Edit by Dirk Oelmann

Check out this X-Mas Jam edit by Dirk Oelmann. Real good work. There is also a neat little report over at There is plenty of German language involved, but also a good amount of pictures that are kind of „international“, you know? Peep both of it!

Leipzig Skatepark Edit by Dirk Oelmann

Snowy days in Germany... So what else should we do instead of taking our skates and visit skateparks near Berlin. This time we went to the Skatepark in Leipzig with its nice big miniramp and a sweet street area.

Chris Obermaier 2012 Clips

Chris Obermaier is coming at you with the steeze in this edit shot around Munich and Berlin. Filmed by Dario Soller, Chris Rumpf, Matthias Jablonowski and Dirk Oelmann.

Hedonskate in Berlin

Be-mag friend Dirk Oelmann teamed up with Hedonskate to put together sessions in Berlin. Take a peek at the skating that went down.

UCON Silhouette Line: Behind the Scenes

UCON dropped their Spring/Summer 2012 Silhouette line not long ago and it has been all the hype on fashion blogs ever since. checked in with its designer Dirk Oelmann, who is also responsible for the clothing Be-Mag produces.

Walhalla benefiz contest

All around talent Dirk Oelmann just put together another sweet edit featuring the Walhalla Benefiz Contest in Braunschweig (Germany).

1st Berlin Ignition session

Here we go with the first Berlin Ignition session featuring Jojo Jacobi, Matthias von Gostomski, Andreas Wagenblast, Dominik Wagner, Dirk Oelmann, Sascha Krautz, Bart Laubsch and many more Berlin shredders. Big props for this first session. It looks like you had an amazing time! Keep up the great work.