Hedonskate adds Dominik Wagner to their Pro Team

If you didn’t know Dominik Wagner is Hedonskate Pro yet, you should have, and now you do because of this announcement and video. We are more than happy to share this news today! Being one of the finest European and well-respected blader, Dominik Wagner is now added the the official Hedonskate roster, joining Nils Jansons in our Pro rank! -Hedonskate

‘Traitement’: Dominik Wagner Profile

It's October 2009, the last chance to shoot before the weather starts turning bad. Jacob Juul and myself get on the midnight express. Origin: Copenhagen, Destination: Berlin. Purpose of travel: A two week shoot for a untitled video project...

In Depth: Dominik Wagner

Dominik was and will always be a welcome addition the bread basket of bladers in NYC. Whether he is in the Bronx getting evicted with Shardy by his landlord, blading uptown with Nigel, or being a dirt bag in Bed-Stuy with Josh and myself, Dominik will always be missed in NYC. Okay, enough with the crying brown nose bullshit. Dominik came through NYC like a Blitzkrieg. After his eviction from Shardy's domicile he had the pleasure of finding a pad close to Josh and I with two very strange room mates. One of which who apparently liked to bring home random foreigners to watch movies or trash the apartment with. Haha! So when I had a room available in my place I told him to get the fuck out of there. That was the beginning of our little German experience. Always wielding some sort of point and shoot camera and sunglasses, Dominik is always down to blade or hang. What a funny "super hero" to have around. Thanks for coming through to teach us the ways of the Germans (Bier), introducing us to Sophie and Lucia – sexy German ladies – and just being the one we miss. Dominik "Fucking" Wagner, the German Champion of NYC! Wahoooo!