‘Secret Audience’ by Andrew Nemiroski

Andrew Nemiroski dropped a new edit which features Kyle Couture, Andrew "Smokes" Smolak, Sean Kelso, Steve "Alf" Iacono, John O'Donnell, Matt Hellyer, David Sizemore, Mark Wodja, Colin Kelso, Scott "Air Dolphin" Campbell, myself, Justin Diaz, Dustin Spengler, Brian Long, and Jared Cahill. It was filmed by Justin Girard and Nemo himself.

David Sizemore: One Minute, One Spot

There are lots of people who have different names for this spot: The Black Hole, Day Waster, Day Ender... The list goes on. But to everyone who has been there, and lots that haven't, will forever know this place as Summerhour. This is a legendary spot in Norcross Georgia that has been in rollerblading videos for the last nine years. Just recently I heard that the school is under new ownership, and unlike the last, they don't like us being there. So, obviously, the rumor is that the whole place is going to get capped. When be-mag contacted me to do this edit, I knew I wanted to have at least one more good session there anyways before the massacre is to happen, so I thought it would be perfect. Thanks go out to Dustin Spengler for filming the whole thing and be-mag for asking me!