First Flight by Remy Cadier ft. Edwin Wieringh, Hans Hardonk & Roel Verhoeven

I just bought a DJI Phantom this week and took my first couple of flights around the neighbourhood with my GoPro Hero 3 Black attached to its undercarriage Unfortunately Holland is very windy, which made it hard to get smooth images right off the bat. I also filmed a small session with Edwin Wieringh, Hans Hardonk and Roel Verhoeven on Amsterdam’s newest skatespot, the Wittedewithstraat Curb. Here I shot some extra footage using a Canon 5d MarkII and the GoPro Hero 2. These were my first times going up with this new little camerahelicopter, and while filming a church in Ransdorp the heavy wind took the Phantom right out of my sights, but luckily the ‘return to home function’ worked perfect. It did give me a few moments of cold sweat though. I can’t wait to improve my flying skills, and start flying on some really hard to reach spots! My partner in crime Axel van Dijk has also just purchased the DJI Phantom, so expect much more fly edits to come some time soon.

Winterclash Live-Update #1: Edwin Wieringh Thursday Night Pre-Session

Edwin Wieringh from Amsterdam came to Eindhoven for A Thursday night pre-session at the Area51-skatepark. Although Edwin had a bad fall at the Laced Comp a week before he can still handle some serious shit in the park. Huge 720s, some textbook Truespin Top Souls - Edwin is bringing some good vibe to Eindhoven. We're excited to see what he plans to do tomorrow at the Pro-Comp. Edwin is known for some surprise tricks.

Amsterdam Week: Edwin Wieringh Interview

You don't just get the name 'From Hell' replaced with your actual, Dutch farmers name. This is a level of awesome that has to be worked hard for. You will have to put all principles and dignity aside, you will have to know no shame and you must act fearles at all times. Simply put, you have to not give a fuck and pull hardcore stunts on even more terrifying spots. So you can understand why us Dutch folk round here take great pride in the fact that Edwin 'From Hell' Wieringh is one of ours.

Edwin Wieringh Shredding his Local Park

Do you own your skatepark? Edwin Wieringh definitely owned this little one right here! Its good to see someone of that caliber go back to the roots and skate his puny home park just for kicks. Enjoy...

Checking in with Edwin Wieringh

If you are into European Rollerblading, you might have come across the Amsterdam local Edwin Wieringh. Dutch, cleanest style ever, textbook truespin topsouls, always in a good mode and full of power – those are just some characteristics for a guy who loves Rollerblading more than anything else in his life and that often shreds the Amsterdam streets just by himself. There are some Rollerbladers in our industry that are known worldwide for their extraordinary talent although they have never won an international contest title. Edwin Wieringh has been one of those people – at least until the weekend of June 11th 2011 when he took the Chaz Sands Invite 2011 Amateur comp. When we got the results from our local media team there was a big "Halleluja!" going on in the office. It was just a matter of time that Edwin would win an international recognized contest. We thought that's reason enough to catch up with the Dutch super dude. Curtains up for Edwin "from hell" Wieringh.