The Kelsos, Broskow, Farmer (and more) in ‘Fishguys 2’

Peep the second edition of 'Fishguys' all fisheye filmed rollerblading at skateparks in the KCMO area. Main camera by Sean Kelso, additional filming by Colin Kelso and Alex Broskow. Featuring the Kelso brothers, Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer, Adam Exline, Pat Doherty, and Kc Roche.

Kevin Kai Yee: Behind the mind.

Kevin "Kenji" Yee can divide rollerbladers' opinions faster than he could divide yo mama's legs, and that's quick. He's recently been causing controversy with his "start loving rollerblading" and "stop hating rollerblading" videos, and slowly sneaking out the mysterious Stay Fakey concept onto the social networks. We caught up with Kenji to find out what we could about what's going on inside his head.

Mike Obedoza: One Minute, One Spot

Over the past month or so, Mike Obedoza has been giving us Be-maggers tips on how to make up some tasty treats in the kitchen. In the first Be-mag post of 2013, Mike put in some work at the local skate park and cooked together this banger of an edit. How can you describe his skating? "Solid as Fuck" -Ryan Northway