Old Adam Ehalt Profile by FootageTape

Adam is one of my favorite bladers to watch and to film with. He is a rare breed that not only likes to think outside of the box at any given spot, but also likes to take suggestions about tricks to do. It is not uncommon, upon rolling up to a spot, to hear him say "Ok, tell me something tight to do here" and then marvel you after your proposal. Because of these reasons, Adam garners my upmost respect as he should from the rest of the blading community. Real talk. -Jamie Olmstead

Asian X-Games 2011 by 9TO5Mixtape

9TO5Mixtape blesses us with footage from the Asian X-Games that took place in Shanghai, China a few weekends ago. Can't really tell from the edit if the course is too easy or if Soichiro Kanashima, Chris Haffey and Brian Aragon are just too damn good.