Taryf’s ‘TIME’: A Review by Freddy White

A couple of weeks ago we were sent a DVD with the sounding name 'TIME'. Return address was somewhere in France. Unprejudiced as we truly are we popped the video in and... were really impressed. 'TIME' is not only put together really well, it also showcases French blading in a way that got us juiced for more. We recommend this DVD to anyone, but especially to the folks out there that rely on the mistaken interpretation that the French are all about spin to win.

Now Playing: Children Of The Future

Razors recently release their latest full length DVD titled "Children Of The Future". We spoke with our Frenchy Fries colleague Freddy White and asked him to shed some light on the digital flick produced by Erick Rodriguez.

Air FISE Marseille 2011 Live-Update #7: Two addtional clips of Franky Morales and Romain Godenaire

While the rolling community celebrates Chris Haffey's world record jump, more and more clips of the Air FISE are popping up on the net. Below you can view Franky Morales lacing a super clean 900 over the Mega Jump. Additionally, we discovered another clip from Romain Godenaire that reveals the real dimensions of the ramps the pros are dealing with here. However, Romain over-rotated this huge flat-spin and accidentally landed in the flat. According to Freddy White from www.frenchyfries.fr Romain is doing fine again. As soon as we have more information about his health status, we will let you know.

Victor Legrand SSM Promo on Frenchy Fries

Having written about Victor in different media outlets a few times already, I might fail at stating anything new or truly original today. I'm just like you actually: I watch his skating progress and I can't help but be amazed by the fast pace he's been keeping, on the fast lane to blade fame. -Freddy White

WRS Finals 2010: additional photo update

Since the WRS finals were such a great event and we don't want you to forget about this, we are running an additional photo article update. Freddy White ("Frenchy Fries") who just got back from his 6-weeks trip through the States hooked us up with his personal view on the WRS finals.

WRS Finals live update #4: Exclusive Be-Mag teaser

Be-Mag sent out Sam DeAngelis, Jeremy Stephenson, Drew Humphrey and Freddy White to the W.R.S. World Finals this past weekend to cover the event for us. While everyone is sorting through his shots, Sam already released a trailer for the full edit he is working on. So stay stuned for more updates, edits and shots from the finals.