Fridolin Eelbo 2013 Edit for USD

Albeit him starting to feel his age, 29-year-old Fridolin is still a beast on the blades! Filmed by Piotr Sarnowski, Gabriel Hyden, Wolfgang Zapata, and Florian Scheibmaier, edited by Piotr Sarnowski.

Gabiel Hyden and Fridolin Eelbo ripping it up in Vienna

Gabriel Hyden recently moved to Austria's capital Vienna. His good friend and old-school Be-Mag-coverboy Fridolin Eelbo was happy to welcome Gabriel in his hometown. This is probably the first edit of a full series coming to our home screens. Here you can see them shredding a skatepark and mutually pushing themselves to peak performances.

Nomades Tour 2011 in Vienna & Salzburg by Jean Christophe Baller

When we arrive in Vienna it rains. We use this day to relax, work on the edits and the pictures in hopes that tomorrow will be better. After an early and hearty breakfast, Wolf, our guide for this stop, arrives at exactly 10am, ready to help us to discover the city. He takes us to a long S-shaped red curb, a bit jaded by the many riders that have previously skated it but our team is happy to have a go at it. The session suddenly comes to an end by the heavy rain that starts to fall on our heads. While Rob continues to grind the pavement he gets soaked to the bone.