Bitter Cold Showdown PRO And AM Results: Congrats CJ Wellsmore And Michael Froemling!

CJ Wellsmore not only took the win at the Pro competition but also at the Bowl competition. Second place went to Roman Abrate and third to Wake Shepman. Congrats everyone and watch out for edits and more updates on be-mag as we sort through the tons of material we have from the competition. Thanks also to everyone who dropped by at our booth, and we almost sold out of everything we brought. See you next year.

Michael Froemling Abstract Art 2 Profile

Michael uploaded his section from Abstract Art 2. We've seen the video before but this profile clearly is even better as we thought is was the first time we saw it. The whole video is great. You should get it for your collection if you get the chance. For now, watch some of the best, most refined skating available on the internet.

Black Sheep Blade Tour 2013 in Minnesota, USA

Sam DeAngelis and Dan Fabiano will be on the road with their Black Sheep Blade Tour through Minnesota from May to June having Michael Froemling, Tim Franken, Jon Fromm, Stefan Brandow, Sebatian Michalski, and Eric Miller on board with them!

The Blading Cup: a View from Under the Ramps

Ivan Narez, Erik Stokley, and I arrived at Jon and Viola Julio’s loft around 4:30 Thursday morning. Ivan slept most of the way in pure exhaustion from finalizing the details on getting copies of the Shred ‘Til You’re Dead II book, DVD, and Blu Ray that were releasing the next day. By that time, I had been awake nearly 24 hours and about five of those were driving from Walnut Creek to Santa Ana.

Abstract Art II: Full Video

It is time for yet another high quality video! Abstract Art II, a film by Andrew Kazlauskas, is blowing you away behind your computer. Epic filming, sick tricks, and painful bails, they are all there to fill that piece in your brain that needs it's daily dose of street skating. Abstract Art II features profiles on Logan Clark, Michael Froemling, Travis Rhodes, PJ Pienack, Mike Bober and many, many more. The spot selection made for this film is as epic as the tricks performed on them. Sit back and enjoy!

In Depth Review on “Abstract Art 2” by Quinn Feldman

The man in charge of ACHOSEN-FEW.COM, Quinn Feldman, just sent in this contribution. He called it "in depth review" and that isn’t understated at all. Be warned, you’ll probably bust out the credit card about halfway through and place your order of "Abstract Art 2" at your favorite shop right away.

Abstract Art II available now!

The new video of Andrew Kazlauskas, Abstract Art II, is available now. Check out the trailer once more and have a look at both Michael Froemlings and Eddie Dombrowskis throwaways. You shall then order the video at your favorite skate shop.