Michael Garlinghouse ‘Pariah’ Profile

Michael Garlinghouse should seriously be pro now, check out his ditch the bucket edit online somewhere and tell me I'm wrong. This guy fucking rips and represents all my favorite parts about skating and great people. -Adam Johnson

TML3 Photos from Michael Garlinghouse

The snow has finally melted in Minnesota and it's time to street skate (comfortably) again. It is a big transition switching from skating park every day to skating street again. We have all been itching to get out and start filming for TML3.

The Xsjado Video Leftovers

Leftovers from the Xsjado Video featuring Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Jc Rowe, Ben Schwab, Paul John, Michael Garlinghouse, Dustin Werbeski, Kevin Yee, Mike Obedoza, Marcus Benavides, Victor Galicia, Nick Rother, and Lee Martin.

Bitter Cold Showdown Edit: CHAMPION BOWL

Can't get enough of bowl skating? Seth brings us another fresh edit of the Bittercold Showdown Bowl Competition. Smooth lines, high airs and technical tricks all included. Skating by Alex Broskow, CJ Wellsmore, Victor Arias, Brandon Smith, Michael Garlinghouse, Eric Bailey and Jeff Stockwell.

The Blading Cup: a View from Under the Ramps

Ivan Narez, Erik Stokley, and I arrived at Jon and Viola Julio’s loft around 4:30 Thursday morning. Ivan slept most of the way in pure exhaustion from finalizing the details on getting copies of the Shred ‘Til You’re Dead II book, DVD, and Blu Ray that were releasing the next day. By that time, I had been awake nearly 24 hours and about five of those were driving from Walnut Creek to Santa Ana.