HAZELTON'S LATEST SUMMER EDIT HERALDS HIS IMPECCABLE STYLE It is without question that Grant Hazelton is not only one of the most stylish skaters...

Grant Hazelton Arizona Edit by Mike Torres

He's not my brother. He is also not my twin. He is the better looking, more responsible, more technical, more stylish, version of myself. He is my upgrade. Perhaps he was sent here from the future to kill the young John Connor, and it is my job to save him regardless of the fact that I am a technically inferior model... I digress. Grant is one of my best friends, and probably my favorite person to skate with. And boy can he pull off a mustache. -Mike Torres

Roc City Skates TNS Spring 2012 Edit by Kris Troyer

Thursday Night Skate during spring of 2012 at Rochester Action Sports Park. Featuring Nate Hall, Grant Hazelton, Cody Lampman, Lorne Ashford, Steve Bruning, Tim Adams, Emery Kapral, Trey Roberts, Josh Marlinski, Aaron Peck, Matt Fessler, and Eric Hallimen. Filmed and edited by Kris Troyer.

Roc City Skates 5×5 Edit by Mike Torres

Mike Torres aka "this gifted son of a bitch" produced this new edit for Roc City Skates, with Roc City Skates. Peep Nate Hall, Tim Adams, Grant Hazelton, Steve Bruning and said son of a bitch murk the streets of Rochester, NY.

ROCcitySkates Edit by Ricky Coster

Grant Hazelton, Mike Torres, Nate Hall, Chris Py, Dave Poe, Nick Demarchi, Ricky Coster, Steve Bruning, Mike Lanthier, Malik Glenn, & Stefan Brandow have just been featured in this sweet edit by Ricky Coster for ROCcitySkates. Not sure how they are related to the shop but who cares about stuff like that when there is skating this good?

Roccity Skates session

Roc City Skates co-owner Grant Hazelton and local awesome Mike Torres spent a couple hours skating at the Sweden Town Park near SUNY Brockport.

Betty Lou’s Shoes Montage

Stefan Brandow comes up with this sweet street edit featuring: Dan Lewandowski, Eric Miller, Bruce Bales, Vince Gregory Jason Snow, Stefan Brandow, Mike Wagner, Connor Kenrick and Grant Hazelton.

Slash & Dash Trailer

Slash & Dash will be another release we all can look forward to. It's a documentation of the annual Roc City 'Arizona Trip' featuring the great talents skaters like Tim Adams, Austin Paz, Justin Brasco, Grant Hazelton, Dan Barnes, Steve Bruning, Gary Murphy, Dan Birch, Mike Welland, Neil Diskin, Casey McFarland, Jason Reyna, James Johnson, and Mike Torres. Check out the trailer!