Michael Kraft & Ian Copp on tour

Be-Mag msgboard heroes and best internet buddies Michael Kraft and Ian Copp went on a tour recently. Check out this hastily made teaser for the soon to be released video (edit?) of this trip. Deal with it.

BuddyTour 2012

Want to talk skating? Saw that awesome bird in a tree earlier today but have no idea what it's called? Pain in the gut, feeling dizzy? Ian Copp to the rescue! Being it countless polls for nearly every (relevant) topic in Blading, 'bird fagging' or remote diagnosis from the other side of the globe, members of the Be-Mag message board sure are familiar with Ian Copp. Or 'ian from tampa' for that matter. Well, it's Miami, actually. Ummm, where did we break off..? Oh yeah, Ian being the man. He once again cut no costs and spared no effort to bring you the third edition of his infamous 'BuddyTour Series' and actually delivered it – and that's kinda unheard of in the Rollerblading business – on time. Enjoy!

Competition Report: Panhandle Pow Wow 2012

First and foremost please let me apologize for prolonging the viewing of this edit. It wasn't until today that I was contacted by both Blake Taylor and Ian Copp and notified that the sentences you are about to read are what is taking the official drop so long to happen. I guess deep down I have written nothing because there is not much to be said. I tried typing this ridiculously long drawn out descriptive read that would cover every aspect of the event and all things leading up to it and after. But truth be told, there is no amount of descriptive words that can explain what an incredible event Pow Wow actually is.


Pablo Porta finally finished his Fools video, with profiles on Augusto Castillo, Edwin Rodriguez, Zachary Pollak and Pablo himself. Skating also from...

Panhandle Pow-wow 2012 in Jacksonville, Florida

The 2012 Panhandle Pow-wow will be held April 27-28th at Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville, Florida. The Pow-wow Pro/Am division will be invite only. Invite includes entry to Friday nights $1000 Best Trick contest presented by Bernal Heights COllective. Stay tuned for more info because there is plenty more to come.

BuddyTwor 2011

Last December Michael Kraft and I, friends from Be-Mag’s msgboard, embarked on 'BuddyTour'. I brought a new tiny HD video camera to film an edit of our skate adventures, and Michael brought a new tiny laptop to write his thoughts on many aspects of his experience with the trip. What came of it was a twenty-minute edit accompanied by a lengthy essay with elements of drama, heartbreak, rollerblading history, and drunken shenanigans not to mention plenty of undocumented great times with various buddies of ours in Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee.

BuddyTour 2010

What follows is excerpts from a 30 page essay I wrote about Ian's and my mini-tour in December 2010. I've excluded some important, memorable events for brevity's sake involving Toy Story 3, a penis-obsessed Olympic athlete, Mike Lilly, and somebody pepper-spraying a sandwich. It is partly about rollerblading, but mostly a journal I kept while I was traveling. There are a few manipulations of time, but nothing drastic. Some paragraphs were literally copied and pasted out of context so it's not the most cohesive, fluent writing style. Deal with it.