James Bower: 24 Hours in Amsterdam

James Bower came to amsterdam for the realstreet amsterdam 2013. He skated some streets spots before the comp and enjoyed the whole day on a bike. Edit by Cavin B.

‘Left Over London’ Edit by Jordan Maders

A bunch of clips not used or used else where I filmed, didnt want them to get lost in the void of my hard drive. Skaters Elliot Stevens, Blake Bird, Leon Humphries, Matt Smith, Billy Doyle, James Bower, Benjamin Woodcock and some more. -Jordan Maders

City and the Seed Trailer by Hotmilk Films

Hotmilk Films presents 'City and the Seed'. A film that captures a group of friends rollerblading in London, UK. Directed by Matt Watta and edited by Wim Cleiren. Skating by Leon Humphries, Julian Coulter, Blake Bird, Matt Watt, Neil Ingall, Peter Bexley, James Bower, Andrew Halls, and Matt Chilvers. Enjoy!