James Perez Edit by IROLLNY

James Perez breaking in his new Valos at the FDR ledges and at a very shaky, unstable rail. Filmed and edited by Kenny Bania. -Craig B.

James Perez: An Afternoon at Pier 25 Skate Plaza by Jasepi Calamari

James Perez has been on a skating hiatus due to his recent pursuit of a college education and currently working a full time job. Luckily, I was able to meet up with James during his only day off last week for a brief session at the Pier 25 skate plaza located in Manhattan, NY. James dusted off the cobwebs from his blades and quickly got back into the skating rhythm as we managed to beat the the rain, clouds, and park closing. -Jasepi Calamari

Oil City’s Slickest Blader 2013

Surrounded by oil tanks the brisk March air hit me as we walked past cars to a side door. I made my way inside and I could hear the energy pumping through the walls. Without even stepping into the park, I knew that this blade competition wouldn’t be like all the other ones.

Up and Comers: Sean Grossman

New York City and it's surrounding areas have always been a breeding grounds for incredible rollerblading talent. It's arguable that it could be one of the best scenes in the world. In recent years as big name talent has left the area for greener pastures and different opportunities, a new breed of Tri State talent has been getting more shine. The first person that always immediately comes to my mind when I think of New York and blading these past three years is Sean Grossman. Between countless edits of himself and others, his online video 'Peep Game', and his upcoming video 'Big Apple Blade', Sean has single handedly put himself at the forefront of New York City rollerblading media. I have loved watching Sean's progression the past few years, and couldn't be prouder to present to you supreme connoisseur, Long Island resident, style buff, and my very good friend, Sean Grossman.

In Depth: Dominik Wagner

Dominik was and will always be a welcome addition the bread basket of bladers in NYC. Whether he is in the Bronx getting evicted with Shardy by his landlord, blading uptown with Nigel, or being a dirt bag in Bed-Stuy with Josh and myself, Dominik will always be missed in NYC. Okay, enough with the crying brown nose bullshit. Dominik came through NYC like a Blitzkrieg. After his eviction from Shardy's domicile he had the pleasure of finding a pad close to Josh and I with two very strange room mates. One of which who apparently liked to bring home random foreigners to watch movies or trash the apartment with. Haha! So when I had a room available in my place I told him to get the fuck out of there. That was the beginning of our little German experience. Always wielding some sort of point and shoot camera and sunglasses, Dominik is always down to blade or hang. What a funny "super hero" to have around. Thanks for coming through to teach us the ways of the Germans (Bier), introducing us to Sophie and Lucia – sexy German ladies – and just being the one we miss. Dominik "Fucking" Wagner, the German Champion of NYC! Wahoooo!