‘Urban Decay’ (1998) by Jan Welch

'Urban Decay' was the first major video I came out with, which was distributed by Video Action Sports. Features skating from Texas as well as footage from a long road trip I made with Lonnie Gallegos to San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Features profiles on Robert Guerrero, Chris Fleener, Anthony Medina, Erick Garcia and Jared Magers. -Jan Welch

Vicious Team Video Intro section – Jan Welch

Jan Welch recently moved back to his hometown of Austin, TX from sunny San Diego. He's just posted up some vintage blading from Rat-Tail for the world to enjoy. Check out the Vicious bearings team video "Sleeze" intro.


BLADING'S GURU NEEDS OUR HELP Robert Guerrero has always radiated positivity and love, on top of being one of the best to put on a pair of boots....