Jeremy Spira SSM Park Edit

Jeremy Spira from Denver, Colorado in his new park edit for SSM! Filmed by Ian Walker, Mykel Fatali, and Luke Bender, edited by Ian Walker and Roger Finkelmyer.

Jeremy Spira Revolution Raw Clips

Jeremy Spira has one of our favorite styles. We filmed these clips spanning from skate trips to San Francisco, NYC, and Arizona. The roll-in to fence stall in Arizona was insane, the first few rolls he was hitting the transition at the bottom so hard his buckles would come undone. Spira rips it. -James Johnson

Jeremy Spira – Nimh Throwback Edit

It´s gotten a bit quiet around Jeremy but you sure haven´t forgotten his steezy bladin if you know what was and is good about what we do! Living a family life one might doubt it´s possible to bust out crazy tricks and push yourself to new levels. Well, it certainly isn´t for Mr.Spira! Enjoy this well shot n chopped piece of rolling media brought to you by SCUMPIRE!

Jeremy Spira Interview + Exclusive Edit

Since we've known Spira, we have watched him evolve as a person. I first met him in Texas at the Hoedown, we were instantly drawn to his style and the way he carried himself. We wanted him to ride for Revolution. Next, we had our first Rev. Alaska trip, Spira was borderline out of control crazy. Our final night in AK, Nick Wood had Spira in a headlock on the way home from the bar trying to keep him under control. When you have someone like Nick acting as the moderator, you know the situation is wild. Then, he met his wife Sessy. She was the best thing to happen to him. She got his life back on track, and he regained his focus to follow his passion to skate again. Then, he and Sessy had their lovely baby Arden. Spira learned what is most important in life, and his priorities changed. Now, he is balanced. He has Arden, his wife Sessy, and skating. Everyday he tries to be the best father, husband, and skater he can be. That is all that matters.

Jeremy Spira Park Edit 2010

The northern hemisphere is warming up, so is Jeremy Spira. First "warm-up" skate park edit in 2010. Enjoy some buttery smooth skating from Mr....

Sumpire’s ‘EL_CHVPO’ available as Digital Release

Ian Walker's first full length skate video is now available on the Scumpire website. 'EL_CHVPO' features the skating of Geoff Phillip, Greg Schlosser, Cody Lampman, Jeremy Spira, Ian Walker, and Howie Bennett, shot on location in Denver, Colorado.

Cody Lampman 2012 Edit by Mykel Fatali

Cody Lampman is a baller pimp. His 2012 profile was filmed by Mykel Fatali, Geoff Phillip, Jeremy Spira, Justin Barr, Greg Freeman, Greg Schlosser, Chris Bazan, Howie Bennett, and Will Boulder. More from Cody on Be-Mag... soon.

HotWetTrash by Scumpire

Some creative stuff going on over at Scumpire. A very cool video just released which you must see. This video is filled with crazy skating by Kevin Carey, Zackary Gutweiller, Ian Walker, Howie Bennett, Jeremy Spira, and Joshua Larkin. Hit play, sit back, and enjoy this sweet sunday treat.

Shima Skate Manufacturing Montage #2

The second SSM Montage is here! Check out the blading of Brian Weis, Miguel Ramos, Maik Lojewski, Adria Saa, Xathen Stewart, Jeremy Spira, Michael Braud, Leon Humphries, Matty Schrock, Brian Shima, Montre Livingston, Joey Chase, Marc Moreno and Nicky Adams!