Perspectives on Winterclash 2012: Jeremy Suarez

Rollerblade rider Jeremy Suarez has been flying under the radar for quite a long time now. We're not sure why that is though. The tricks he pulls at park competitions all over Europe sure aren't the reason for this. Watch out for Jeremy at Winterclash 2012!

Jeremy Suarez Interview

Jeremy Suarez is a Belgium hero, he is warm and caring, always smiling and joking around…he is a proper entertainer and a significant part of the Forward Freestyle Family. When it comes to skating, he’s the kind of skater that clearly does it with the love. Creative and powerful, you can see him blast a park course with the craziest lines and you’ll never know what to expect next, but you can be certain that it will be insane. Switch and natural is out of the picture for him and his progress is constant. He is an amazing skater to watch and if you ever skate with him, you know you’re going to have a good time.

- Jeremy Kesler

Switzerland 2013 Edit of Team Rollerblade

Check out this video of team Rollerblade visiting Switzerland for a weekend. With footage from Basel, Zurich and Zug. Skating by Adrian Deck, Warren Digne, Jeremy Suarez, Timmy van Rixtel, Jan Ebbert, Sven Boekhorst and Guillaume Le Gentil! Edit by Mihai Bivol.

5 Days In Barcelona with Guillaume le Gentil and Friends by Greg Myrzoyan

Barcelona edits are always a pleasure to watch. This one, edited by Greg Myrzoyan and featuring Guillaume le Gentil, Jeremy Suarez and Timmy van Rixtel, gives you a beautiful insight of a skaters trip to Barca. The vibe is awesome, the food delicious and the spots, as always, are epic. Enjoy these 8 minutes of blading under the warm sun of Spain!

We Tour Experience Romania 2011: Condensed version

Follow the team around Mihai Bivol through some summer weeks full of ups, but no downs. The video features the following riders: Jeremy Suarez, Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Adil Farhouni, Mihai Bivol, Mathias Silhan, Adrien Anne, Diego Guilloud and many more.

NASS 2011 Best Trick

Jeremy Suarez and Joe Atkinson are known for going big and doing extraordinary tricks. Which one of the two was more impressive? Watch the edit and judge for yourself. Enjoy...

Lausanne Street&Bowl Contest 2010: full edit

Check out this awesome edit by Tony Martins providing a full view on the contest's madness. This edit also features the high speed lines of old school ripper Jeremy Suarez which is quite an eye-candy.