Psyko’s way to the Last Man Standing (part 3)

The Last Man Standing 2010 comp is coming up pretty fast. Nick Wood, Dave Lang, Mason Richard, Jesus Medina and some more are currently in New York leaving their marks on New York's most popular spots. Tomorrow you can meet them all at the LMS 2010 comp. Be there and enjoy the show.


This is a video compilation of Instagram clips from Ghetto Community. Clips recycled to let other people who don't have Instagram know of what went...

The 2012 Escape from New York Tour: Kickstarter & Online Contest

The Escape from New York Tour is an idea I came up with after spending a month and a half in California earlier this year. As I toured up and down the coastline I met some of the most amazing and memorable people I have ever encountered. I found myself submersed in deep conversation with industry legends such as Louis Zamora, Justin Eisinger, and Lonnie Gallegos. I can’t thank these guys enough for the insight they bestowed on me because without them I would have never manifested such a project.

Last Man Standing 2010: Pro Competition edit + Write Up + Results

As last week Be-Mag is once again the first online source to provide an edit showing the madness at this year's Last Man Standing 2010. Our New York correspondent Joseph Perez (as well as different others) attended the event to capture the best tricks from the best Street Skaters in this world. Here is a first edit and a first review of the contest. Read on.

Psyko’s way to the Last Man Standing (part 2)

I left San Diego for Seattle one week ago and It seems like a month. Now I'm here in New York city. I would first like to give a shout out to Seattle. The 10th SBS (Street Battle Seattle) was as wild as I hoped. Big ups to Jeremy Townsend for a great contest and My Remz flow brothers Sean Cowen, Nacho, Kawika, and Josia Blee for hitting it hard to help me make an edit that will be up this week, so look for that. But now I'm in the belly of the beast.

Last Man Standing 2010: Amateur competition

Be-Mag sent out one of his New York ambassadors, Joseph Perez, to the first round of this year's Last Man Standing competition. The New York skate scene has been blowing up strongly over the last couple years. Due to the recent New York edits floating through the Rollerblading media the rise of the scene has become even more aware. The first round of the Last Man Standing comp was just another testimony for it. Joseph covered the full event for us and reconstructed the hype that went down there. If this is the Amateur level, I wonder what can be expected next weekend from the PRO-category. Good to know we are sending out again people to cover the event for us here. But now it's time for the Amateur coverage. Enjoy it.

Tri-State Skate Tour Part 2

4 AM… Saturday morning… I woke up and drove to Rochester, NY. I took the trip to meet up with videographer Jason Staine and the Tri-State Skate Team. After a five and a a half hour drive we made it to Roc City, got our skate pants on and headed to the streets.

Sean Agoliati Remz flowfile

My name is Sean Agoliati. I'm originally for Poughkeepsie, New York, but I have been living in Manhattan for the past two years. I'm 24 years old and I have been skating for about 8 years. My biggest influences that have impacted my skating are my friends who don't skate, my parents, Tri-State Skate and Greg Keiffer, and of course Remz.

Pier 62 Create Originals Session Photoset

The latest "Let's Roll New York" weekly session recently went down at the new Pier 62. Ryan Loewy and Cesar Macay delivered this great photoset of all the action - including the announcement of Create Originals' newest pro, Montre Livingston!