Park skateches with Joey McGarry

Joey Mc Garry unsually takes another approach to rolling. Recently he went out again just by himself to shred a skatepark. Check what came out of this!

Joey McGarry and Todd McInerney in Kamploops

Finally the summer also arrived in British Colombia and our Mushroom blade friends are coming up with a new edit. This time they are not on Remz skates or Xsjados. They are back to the roots rocking some K2s. Find out yourself how this looks like.

Joey’s Freedom of Feet

Joey McGarry got his new Remz Skates the other day, fought the inner couch potato and met up with his buddy Todd to have a sweet sesh. Yeah...

Mushroom Bladingless Volume #5: Prove Yourself

The following is about a group of Canadian Rollerbladers, gathering under the giant mountains of Keremeos, B.C. for Todd's bachelor party. Equipped with enough Boss beer to drown a horse, a really fun skatepark with beautiful surroundings, and a crew of best friends, this is what happened. -Joey McGarry

Better Than Baseball now online

Joey MCgarry just posted up his and Todd's masterstroke "Better than Baseball". Quoting Monique (Joey's sister): "Better than Baseball is a film which celebrates the human body. The obvious example is of course rollerblading. I can't even jump two inches off the ground on rollerblades. Actually, I can't even stop properly. So to me, I am astounded by what the body is able to achieve. Especially the slow motion shots. It's like bloody ballet. In contrast with the feats of these rollerbladers, they also show extremely normal, everyday actions (such as eating, drinking, sleeping, driving etc). These are necessities to us all, and the way they are placed in the film is priceless. Life's basic needs are shown here....because to these young men, rollerblading is a necessity of life....just like eating or sleeping. I also enjoy the dozens of odd and hilarious facial expressions throughout the movie. This goes along with the intentional inclusion of editing glitches to demonstrate that we are in fact only human. However, it balances nicely with the grandiose of the rest of the film."