John Sullivan: One Minute One Spot

Brian Moore, producer of the upcoming film "The City Never Sleeps", brings back some great talents to your screen. In his new film John Sullivan will get his own profile. For a taste of his profile Brian filmed an exclusive One Minute One Spot with John. Even though you may have not seen a lot from John in the past couple months, there is no denying that John knows how to entertain his audience - especially in the light of this exclusive One Minute One Spot. This is truly One Spot killed by One Man in One Minute.

Brian Moore on ‘The City Never Sleeps’ + Trailers & Brady Johnston Profile

Brian Moore is about to release his new DVD 'The City Never Sleeps'. After more than two years of filming for the video and a $10,000 investment Brian has finally come to an end! Watching the teasers and considering the positive feedback the film got after its premiere at the Hoedown Contest in Dallas you can be sure that this release will get your ass up from the sofa and strap on your skates. Although Brian said that he did this video mostly for himself, we think that this video is made for everyone. But decide for yourself: an in depth interview, two trailers and Brady Johnston's section from the video should provide a good basis for your decision on whether or not to get the flick! All of this after the jump…

Hoedown 2011 Edit by Anthony Medina

The 15th and final Hoedown. This year it was pretty much a TX comp and it just shows how strong the scene is here. Props to John Sullivan for taking the win! -Anthony Medina

Trailer for ‘The City Never Sleeps’ by Brian Moore

The City Never Sleeps will premiere at The Angelika Theater in Dallas on October 28th. Featuring skating from Texas, California and Europe by Demetrios George, Brady Johnston, Fritz Peitzner, John Sullivan, Keaton Newsom Josh Glowicki and Mason Richard among others. Check out the trailer! Expect more info on 'The City Never Sleeps' on Be-Mag in the near future!

Another brand new edit by Josh Glowicki

Sunday is the Josh Glowicki day. Here is another brand new edit featuring Josh and his friends including Fritz Peitzner, John Sullivan, Brian Moore, Brady Johnston, Micah Simmang, Wes Kramer, Keaton Newson and many more! Every roller shown in this edit comes with his unique style which makes it a must see! Great work by Josh again!