Jojo Jacobi speaks about Summerclash 2013

Berlin resident and Valo rider Jojo Jacobi is one of the hardest working men in blading. Our recently appointed Editor-in-Chief of Be-Mag rolling magazine also founded the premium content, works with Hedon Skate and created the biggest blading event worldwide — the Winterclash. As if he didn’t have enough on his plate, plans are well underway for the upcoming Summerclash blading festival you’re not gonna want to miss, this coming June. We recently caught up with Jojo for a chat about his plans for the event.

Jojo Jacobi & Dirk Oelmann about Realstreet Berlin 2012

Be-Mag checked in with Jojo Jacobi and Dirk Oelmann who are bringing back a Realstreet Event to Germany's capital. The timing seems right. Europe's best bladers will make it to Berlin to battle it out for the crown. And as you might expect Jojo brings in a few high-level people from the States!

Take 3 with Winterclash Founder Jojo Jacobi + Ticket Raffle

Jojo Jacobi is beginning to beat the drums for Winterclash 2012, which will take place at Area 51 Skatepark in Eindhoven, Netherlands, a location proven to be worthy for all that it has embraced. Be-Mag has been a media partner of Winterclash since its inception. This won't change in 2012 as we will continue to support the world's biggest rollerblading contest, covering the event live from Eindhoven, bringing you every moment in its greatest capacity. We recently sat down with founder Jojo Jacobi to get his personal thoughts and impressions on the past seven Winterclash events. What are his best memories and what are his worst? Who are the picks for Jojo's top three Winterclash competitors of all time? This and more, is what he discloses in the following article. On top of that you have a chance at winning a ticket to Winterclash 2012!

5 for Jojo Jacobi: Winterclash Interview & Edit

Winterclash 2010 is coming up fast. Those of you that have a ticket will most likely count the days. Jojo had some important meetings in Eindhoven last week and we met up with him at this year's venue to ask him a few questions about the Winterclash 2011. Bart Laubsch from Berlin accompanied Jojo on his short trip to Eindhoven and filmed him flowing through the venue. Jojo's good friend and Rollerblade Pro Sven Boekhorst also showed up to join the session. Enjoy!

Jojo Jacobi Interview on

Lovely Sophie Planque of sat down with Johannes Jacobi to talk about the state of the Winterclash and its re-invention for 2011. Watch out for more of this busy guy on Be-Mag. Soon.

Checking in with Jojo Jacobi

Six months ago the world of Rollerblading gathered in Berlin as Jojo called for the Winterclash 2010. This event was bigger, louder and more spectacular than all previous Winterclashs and Rollerblading contests. But while Jojo organized one of the biggest Rollerblading events to date, it somehow went quiet around his own person after the event. That's why Be-Mag checked in with Jojo to find out what's going on.

Jojo Jacobi first day AB Gold

Besides organizing Winterclash, hitting every major competition in Europe, wreaking havok at Roskilde and writing for Be-mag Jojo can actually skate. I guess rollerblading needs more people like him. We admit it, Jojo we love you.

Winterclash Episode 2: Featuring Pro Interviews, Jojo Jacobi and the competition

This year's Winterclash was by far the biggest one that has happened in its six year history! We still get goosebums watching the edits of the highlights and the hype of the crowd. To keep the excitement through the summer time about ths World's biggest rollerblading competition we release now the second episode of our special Winterclash behind-the-scenes view. We have talked to several PRO riders as well as other people that are connected with the sport to get their opinion about the competition, the new Winterclash venue and the current state of Rollerblading.

Winterclash Episode 1: Behind-the-Scenes with Jojo Jacobi

Be-Mag stepped up its event coverage this year by pulling together a team for Winterclash 2010. In addition to our live event coverage, we produced a few Winterclash Episodes to give you a behind-the-scenes look at one of the world's biggest rollerblading competitions! Enjoy Episode 1 with Jojo Jacobi!

Be-Mag Live Update #1 from Roskilde Festival 2012

German shredders Alexander Schneider and Jojo Jacobi are currently at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. They've been nice enough to send us our first updates on this year's skating, or should I say partying with a sprinkling of blading. The concert lineup is incredible: Bruce Springsteen, Bjork, The Roots, The Cure and Jack White are the main acts with incredible supporting artists such as A$AP ROCKY, Pretty Lights, Royce da 5'9" plus many more. Keep your eyes out for more updates coming.....soon.

Hedonskating #2 in Berlin, Germany

After my friends and colleagues from Hedonskate arrived late Friday evening we woke up to beautiful sunshine on a Saturday morning with a great weekend waiting for us. Instead of explaining step by step what went down during the weekend, I decided to ask Dominik Wagner, Jojo Jacobi, Bart Laubsch and Basza Takemura to write about some of their personal experiences from the event that was a beautiful weekend full of blading, good weather and friends!

Winterclash 2012 Live-Update #1: Hello Winterclash 2012 venue!

The Be-Mag media crew arrived in Eindhoven, Netherlands. We had a chance to chat with organizer Jojo Jacobi talking about the Winterclash 2012 venue. As you can see in the video below, this year's playground will be a bit different challenging the blader's creativity. We are excited to tomorrow's pre-session. Quoting Jojo Jacobi: 'First chance to test out the ramps, don't kill yourself!'

[MAG] February 2012

The Dutch online rollerblading magazine [MAG] just released their February Issue. Filled with great pictures and an interview with Jojo Jacobi. Check it out!