NIMH South America Tour part 1: Jon Jon Bolino and Montre Livingston exploring Bogota

Our staff photographer, Jeremy Stephenson, is currently bashing his way through South America to accompany Nimh's posterboys Montre Livingston and Jon Jon Bolino. Somewhere between the pure Colombian nature and the South American lifestyle package Montre and Jon shredded everything that crossed their way. Check out what went down during their first days in this beautiful country. And consider that this is just the beginning of the adventure!

Up and Comers: Jon Fromm

Most of you probably already know Jon Fromm, or at least think you do. He shows up at competitions all over, comes out to the local blade events and always seems to have a new edit on Vimeo, forcing you to rewind and ask yourself what just happened. But if I had to share something about Jon that most people wouldn't know it would be his work ethic. Skating is the perfect microcosm of his life. To the untrained eye when watching Jon warm up with hurricane topsouls first try and switchups that leave you amazed the first thing people think is "I wish it was that easy for me" or at least thats what I was guilty of. 

Nimh South America Tour Part 6: Montre Livingston and John Bolino starting their shred-tour through Ecuador

Between all the Skate tours and the big contests going down in Europe, we still have some more exclusive coverage from the Nimh South America tour. After a long and intense journey through Colombia they finally bashed their way towards Ecuador to continue this great tour again on a private bus. Here we go with another revolutionary Nimh South America update. Make sure you read on!

John Bolino Preview

Here is a teaser for a special feature with John Bolino that will be released on soon. John acquired a global-reputation as a ripper...

NIMH South America Tour part 2: John Bolino and Montre Livingston on the Road to Cuzco

Jeremy Stephenson just send in the next update. As you can see in the edit and on the pictures, the NIMH tourists seem to be far off a city's usual infrastructure. So we are glad Jeremy somehow succeeded in sending us another exclusive and authentic content. Everything seems to be great on the tour so far and John and Montre obviously get the full South American treatment - by having shots at 06:30 in the morning. Find out more below...

‘GYPSY TOO’ Summer 2012 Edit by Richie Eisler

Richier Eisler shares his summer adventures with you through this edit featuring Taylor Ritchie, Josh Glowicki, Fredrik Andersson, Dominik Wagner, Montre Livingston, Toms Krasovskis, Jeff Stockwell, Jon Bolino, Eito Yasutoko and himself. Feels good man.

Be-Mag Live Update #2 from Roskilde Festival 2012

Some of the world's best rollerbladers are currently on a Danish island called Roskilde. Of course, they are there to enjoy one of the biggest music festivals on this earth, the Roskilde Festival, but also to represent our sport to a big audience. And they are doing an extreme good job as you can see in the edit. Watch Jon Bolino, Montre Livingston, Gabriel Hyden, Kare Lindberg, Jeff Stockwell and many more shredding the festivals new skatepark.

Charging Trailer

Featuring Alex Broskow, Chris Haffey, Jon Bolino, Billy O'Neil, Chris Farmer, Colin Kelso, Don Bambrick and Sean Kelso.

Damien Wilson – “Fester” Promo

I have been working on this video called 'Fester' for a year or so. I have been working on this with Nick Wood, Lyle Shivak, Joey Chase, Jon Jon Bolino, Casey "CORN NUT" Mc Farland, Mathieu Ledoux and many others. It is a project that I am extremely proud of. And the first in a long time at that.