Jon Fromm 2013 Edit for Razors

New section featuring some awesome footage that was filmed over last year with Jon Fromm mainly out here in California. Great to see this guy back on his skates after his ankle injury. We are sure he will be pushing himself even harder than this in no time! -Max Manning

Scribe Industries: Jon Fromm Am File #3

Mr. Fromm definitely exceeded limitations in this piece! Perfection and control should be his real first and middle name. Check out this edit, it surely is one for the books. Support Jon and Scribe Industries by purchasing the new Signature AM v1 wheel now available around the globe! -Daniel Fabiano, Scribe Industries

Up and Comers: Jon Fromm

Most of you probably already know Jon Fromm, or at least think you do. He shows up at competitions all over, comes out to the local blade events and always seems to have a new edit on Vimeo, forcing you to rewind and ask yourself what just happened. But if I had to share something about Jon that most people wouldn't know it would be his work ethic. Skating is the perfect microcosm of his life. To the untrained eye when watching Jon warm up with hurricane topsouls first try and switchups that leave you amazed the first thing people think is "I wish it was that easy for me" or at least thats what I was guilty of. 

Jon Fromm Park Compilation Edit

For the past few months it's been pretty hectic. I'm currently filming for three sections, and trying to manage a full time school schedule, however I managed to get some clips from our weekly park sessions. Big thanks to everyone who helped me film, and a special shout out to Matt Genna. Hope you all enjoy! -Jon Fromm

Rob Squire 2011 Profile by Jon Fromm

2011 is at it's end. We still have some time to squeeze out one of the last 2011 profiles of this year. This time it is Rob Squire's edit by Jon Fromm and he is killing it as expected. So be sure to check out Rob's profile before you are too drunk to rember or do anything. Enjoy!