‘Andrey Zaytsev: The Only One’ by Josh Glowicki

I was invited to Moscow for a street contest last summer. While I was there I was blessed to meet the man, the myth, the legend Andrey Zaytsev! He skates big stuff, he skates very fast, and he is always in control. Thank you Andrey, even in your passing you continue to inspire the world! -Josh Glowicki

‘Dag Days’: Josh Glowicki Section

I've always wanted to work with Glow. In the couple times (before we filmed this) that I got to film Glow, I was shocked at how professional and business-like the dood was. When we had the idea of filming a section for this video, we knew it had to be filmed quickly because Glow was about to go on another extended trip to Europe (and neither of us really knew when he'd be back). Outside of just three clips, this section was filmed in 10 days. -Anthony Medina

Josh Glowicki Razors AM Edit

Hailing from the Lone Star state, this Texan has been rocking Razors boots for a long time now... taking them all around the world and back. He's been getting a lot of exposure lately because of his non stop tours with his famous gyspy thang crew. One of the nicest dudes you will ever meet, Josh Glowicki. -Geoff Acers, Razors