Berlin Session Edit by Karsten Boysen feat. Eisler, Livingston, Sizemore, Wellsmore & Hyden

The day after Summerclash a lot of the pros gathered at one of Berlin's most famous spots, the Kulturforum. We didn't set out to make an edit, but just so it happened that once we got a few clips starting with Richie, the energy was growing and everybody else wanted to get something, too. This edit is the result of an interesting session with an international crew of bladers. -Karsten Boysen

X-Mas Jam 2012 Promo Edit by Karsten Boysen

The I-Punkt Skateland in Hamburg will once again host the infamous X-Mas Jam this year. In an effort to raise awareness for the event – and to get everyone juiced for December 15th – the Hamburg locals teamed up to get clips for a promo edit at their first "Bladers Only" session of the year. This is what they got.

Sydney Hansen Profile 2011 by Karsten Boysen

Sydney Hansen is one of those guys that own the park in the city they are from. Sydney is from Hamburg, Germany and the I-Punkt Skateland belongs to him! Great to finally see him get some exposure in the form of an awesome edit. Beautifully made by Karsten Boysen. Enjoy...

U3 Baumwall: A Video by Karsten Boysen

'U3 Baumwall', which may sound weird in English, is actually a train station here in Hamburg, Germany. This is the station we usually got off for the filming of this video since it's right next to the "Hafen City", a new district of the city that is currently being built on ancient harbour ground. No building is older than five years and neither are the spots.

BEAT CONTROL – A film by Karsten Boysen

Sometimes you don't really know what you're getting yourself into. Work might just stay a piece of cake or become a hard challenge. When you're an ambitious person like Karsten Boysen, it usually turns out to be the latter. Since Karsten got his hands on cameras, he has fought one hell of a lot of those self imposed challenges. This year he portrayed the rolling scene of his hometown Hamburg and that is something the scene there has been missing for quite some time.

Competition Report: Real Street Berlin 2012

It's been a few weeks now since the real Street Berlin contest went down. Daniel Prell was one of the many people who attended the event and he's given us his view on the skating, the people and the atmosphere from the weekend. Be-mag videographer Karsten Boysen pieced together five minutes of the event for your viewing pleasure.