Kevin Yee rides for Circolo

Circolo is proud to announce Mr Kevin Yee is as the latest addition to their pro team. The new wheel brand's roster now consists of Louie Zamora, Omar Wysong, Yuri Botelho, Russell Day and Kevin Yee.

Kevin Yee Profile 2012

Well here it is everyone Deal With it TV’s first video. A full Kevin Yee part. We both worked really hard trying to put out a full quality part to launch DWI TV. -Matt Rice

Kevin Yee – Xsjado AM (Repost)

So as I was creeping through the web and Be-mag's archives...I noticed Kevin Yee's amazing section wasn't ever posted. So here it is, an amazing insight on Kevin's ability as one of the most creative skater of his generation! Xsjado should be proud to have him on their team, I sure am glad to have him as a friend and teammate. - N.S

Kevin Kai Yee: Behind the mind.

Kevin "Kenji" Yee can divide rollerbladers' opinions faster than he could divide yo mama's legs, and that's quick. He's recently been causing controversy with his "start loving rollerblading" and "stop hating rollerblading" videos, and slowly sneaking out the mysterious Stay Fakey concept onto the social networks. We caught up with Kenji to find out what we could about what's going on inside his head.

Kevin “Kenji” Yee Xsjado Edit

Superb, innovative skating from Kevin "Kenji" Yee. Filmed and edited by Matthew Rice, additional filming by Kai Carlson-Wee, Sean Sea , Thomas McGovern, Hayden Ball, Danny Malm, Ryan Evanchik, Gavin Drumm, John Vossoughi, and Brandon Ballog.

The Xsjado Video Leftovers

Leftovers from the Xsjado Video featuring Chris Farmer, Jeff Stockwell, Jc Rowe, Ben Schwab, Paul John, Michael Garlinghouse, Dustin Werbeski, Kevin Yee, Mike Obedoza, Marcus Benavides, Victor Galicia, Nick Rother, and Lee Martin.

Just released: Be-Mag Print Issue 37

We are proud to release Be-Mag print issue 37. Once again we have taken a trip throughout the world to capture the best of skating worldwide. We started off in Australia with a CJ Wellsmore interview showcasing the Australian powerhouse. CJ Wellsmore took the WRS crown for 2010 and you can be sure that he will make waves again this year. For Europe, we only chose to portray one of the skaters that has been around for a few years, Sven Boekhorst, who constantly shows a true dedication for skating. In the USA we caught up with Kevin Yee, who shared his inspirational thoughts with us. In Europe we packed a van and toured through Italy with some of Europe's finest. Then we decided to show you how skating has been developing in Poland, where vast areas of old industrial production facilities are empty and open for the rolling heart. And last but not least we covered the WRS Finals, the SDSF competition and the FISE.

The Apple Juice – An interview with Jason Greendyk

The Apple Juice is the mushroomed story of my personal involvement in rollerblading over the course of the past decade, complete with full color photographs; vignettes of the artwork that is rollerblading. It incorporates my adventures in New Jersey and New York City as a youth to my subsequent and various cross-country trips to many of America's great cities and hub locations for the rollerblading industry and culture, including a year spent in San Francisco working with Sean Cullen and Kevin Yee on the film, The Apple Rest in Peace San Francisco, which was of great inspiration.