‘Texas Blading’: A Video by Kristian Payne

'Texas Blading' is an online rollerblading short film covering all of the talent across the state of Texas. This film highlights rollerbladers from Dallas to Austin to Houston and in between. Featuring split sections from Troy Maimone and Keaton Newsom as well as Josh Glowicki and Fritz Peitzner. Filmed and Edited by Kristian Payne.

Keaton Newsom Recovery Edit by Kristian Payne

After being injured for seven months, Keaton Newsom is back on his blades, riding the new Valo ABVX.1's. These are his first clips after coming off of the injury and after spending the last couple of months filming this with him, Keaton is definitely back, and at full strength. -Kristian Payne

‘Dallas Days’ Edit by Kristian Payne

'Dallas Days' is a montage made to try and bring back the old feeling of Dallas excitement full of big sessions and a wholesome scene rather then the going out solo and filming individual sections, which it has recently become. The Dallas Scene, to me, was an inspiration growing up and lately I have been watching it slowly disperse and no longer have that feel of a scene but more of a few individuals. Making this edit has showed me that the scene here in Dallas, Texas is as big as it ever was and still going hard in the paint. -Kristian Payne

Footwork: new online release by Kristian Payne

"Footwork" is an online video that has been in the making for a few months now. Texas has tons of unseen talent along with a lot of big names. I decided to get a good mix of bladers with very different styles that would be able to come out and film enough for a section. With so many Texas videos coming out such as "swag", "the city never sleeps", "lst", and "Au" it was hard to get skaters committed for this video but I couldn't be happier the turnout and devotion from these bladers.