Michael Obedoza 2013 Edit for Xsjado

Get a taste of what chef Obedobe has been cooking in 2013 for his boot sponsor Xsjado! Filmed by Lonnie Gallegos, Brandon Negrete, Jordan Williams, edited by Lonnie Gallegos.

Ben Schwab Xsjado 2013 Edit

The Conference just put out this new edit of Ben Xsjwab! Typical skating from the Xsjado pro, thought out and difficult maneuvers on exclusive spots! Edited by Brandon Negrete, filmed by Lonnie Gallegos, Ross Kuhn, JC Rowe, and the Portland Homies.

‘Urban Decay’ (1998) by Jan Welch

'Urban Decay' was the first major video I came out with, which was distributed by Video Action Sports. Features skating from Texas as well as footage from a long road trip I made with Lonnie Gallegos to San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. Features profiles on Robert Guerrero, Chris Fleener, Anthony Medina, Erick Garcia and Jared Magers. -Jan Welch

The 2012 Escape from New York Tour: Kickstarter & Online Contest

The Escape from New York Tour is an idea I came up with after spending a month and a half in California earlier this year. As I toured up and down the coastline I met some of the most amazing and memorable people I have ever encountered. I found myself submersed in deep conversation with industry legends such as Louis Zamora, Justin Eisinger, and Lonnie Gallegos. I can’t thank these guys enough for the insight they bestowed on me because without them I would have never manifested such a project.


BLADING'S GURU NEEDS OUR HELP Robert Guerrero has always radiated positivity and love, on top of being one of the best to put on a pair of boots....