Hedonskate Katowice Sessions by Przemek Madej

Starring Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Mark Wojda, Brian Long, Lukasz Malewski, Krystian Zarzeczny, Tomasz Kwiecien, Basza, Radek Kojtych, Tomek Przybylik, and Russell Dineen. The Hedonskate Team captured their Katowice Sessions in this banger edit by Przemek Madej. Get a good glimpse of the Polish scene and sick blading here on Be-Mag.

Hedonskate Team shredding Warsaw

Great edit from Hedonskate filmed in Warsaw, Poland. Skaters are Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Przemek Madej, Lukasz Malewski, Krystian Zarzeczny, Kuba Olejarz, Mirek Ragan, Grazyna Wratny and Tomek Przybylik.

Hedonskate Team: Hawk Town Crew

Amazing how the Polish scene always comes up with quality stuff both skating and production wise. Skaters in this edit are Lukasz Malewski, Przemek Madej and Krystian Zarzeczny. Filmed by Przemek Madej and Canis Latrans. Edited by Przemek Madej.

Competition Report: East Side Jam 2012

If there is one thing a Polish skater should do on the first weekend of June, it is to visit Lublin. This date has become an annual time for a huge gathering of skaters from all over the country, to celebrate one of the major national events: East Side Jam. Being one of the few real street competitions left, it is truly an unique experience, especially for all the younger skaters who don't remember the I.M.Y.T.A. days. The jam session format brings a wonderful atmosphere and unlike in skateparks all eyes are on the same obstacle, so that mizou you struggled to land and finally did will get the crowd cheering as much as harder tricks from more experienced skaters.

East Side Jam 2011 Report + Official Edit

Lublin is a moderate-sized city in eastern Poland, a place you probably never heard of. But last week something notable happened. Yet another great get-together for Polish rollerbladers, the fourth edition of our annual competition called East Side Jam.

Adam Zurawiecki interview

If you think of Rollerblading in Poland you might think of two things at least: Hedonskate and Adam Zurawiecki. Adam is a strong pillar in the Polish skate scene. If you look up his name on youtube, you will find a dozen edits that kicks ass. After a decade of hard skating Adam is still stepping up the game - not only with his skating, but also with his never ending dedication to the sport and some interesting ideas that will make Rollerblading look good and strong. For his Be-Mag interview Adam didn't come up with the normal street skate and interview shots. That's not his nature. instead, he was looking for some extraordinary stuff.