Alex Broskow ‘2 Days in December’ Edit feat. Mark Wojda

Create Originals Pro Team rider Alex Broskow recently visited the C.O. headquarters in Boston to work on an upcoming project and while he was here we ventured to RAD skatepark in Mendon, MA and Rye Airfield skatepark in Rye, New Hampshire when the weather wasn't feasible for street skating. Here is what went down on those '2 Days in December' 2012. Also featuring a few clips from C.O. Am team rider Mark Wojda, who just moved into his new apartment in Boston, and is here to stay. -Hakeem Jimoh, Create Originals

Four days in Kentucky with Mark Wojda

Welcome to the Bluegrass State, where we take you on a four day tour to shred some of the sweetest spots you can find here. Get ready for some good ‘ol blading from Mark Wojda and the Thuro Skate Shop Team.

Two Weeks with Mark Wojda

The Powerhouse just put out an awesome edit and story on Mark Wojda's visit to the Powerhouse flat. Check out how many clips he stacked up in 2...

Mark Wojda interview in Issue 36

Some issues ago we released a special AM issue in which Mark amongst some others has been promoted as one of the upcoming talents in Rollerblading. We decided to feature Mark since he pushed the envelope hard in rolling and definitely deserved the recognition. Looking back on Mark's young skating career there are quite a few milestones to identify: His AM interview in Issue 30, his profile in the ONE-Video and as of lately the first place at the Last Man Standing. It looks like we knew it, Mark would get up on the skate podium since in the current issue we featured Mark again with a big interview. Take a sneak peek at the interview here.

Two new Create Originals CRS Frame Kickstarter Updates

Create Originals have updated their Kickstarter for their Custom Ride System frames with two new posts. One informs us about recent design changes and the other one is a progress report written by their team rider Mark Wojda who had the chance to use a set of these bad boys for some time now!

Bitter Cold Showdown 2012: Unseen Footage

Hush Hush Distribution comes up with some unseen clips featuring rollers like Jeff Dalnas, Mark Wojda, Demetrios George, Alex Broskow, Brandon Smith, Tracy White, JC Rowe, Brett Urbas, Brian Aragon, Vinny Minton and many more.

Hedonskate Katowice Sessions by Przemek Madej

Starring Josh Glowicki, Fritz Peitzner, Mark Wojda, Brian Long, Lukasz Malewski, Krystian Zarzeczny, Tomasz Kwiecien, Basza, Radek Kojtych, Tomek Przybylik, and Russell Dineen. The Hedonskate Team captured their Katowice Sessions in this banger edit by Przemek Madej. Get a good glimpse of the Polish scene and sick blading here on Be-Mag.