Danish Championships: Pony Cup 2011 Contest Report & Official Edit

Pony Cup 2011 was a great experience. A lot of really good bladers attended this year and the competition – in contrast to its rather small name – featured some seriously good skating by Jojo Jacobi, Alex Burston and Jacob Juul as well as an elite troop of young guns that were ripping the park to shreds in the junior competition!

Ponycup 2011 Results

It’s been a spectacular event this year. Riders and crowd were going crazy in the park. Expect event coverage on Be-Mag soon! This years winners are:

RSC Aalborg 2010

Ronni Skovmand from r-a-d.dk put together this video piece from this year's first Danish real street competition that took place last week on June 5th. Nice spots, nice skating and nice vibe!