‘Traitement’: Mathieu Heinemann Profile

On a sunny day of May, Mat called telling me two Danish guys wanted to film him for a video project. He asked if they could stay at my place along with him, since many bladers from around the world have stayed at my house. I told him no problem at all, we didn't know what to expect, as neither of us had met Jonas and Kåre before.

Traitement Shoot in Paris with Mathieu Heinemann

Jonas Hansson (the director of Flygt and some of last years most illustrious edits) is currently shooting for a new film entitled Traitement. The project is a collaboration with Be-Mag and will feature an ensemble of international rollerbladers. Jonas recently spend a week of filming with Mathieu Heinemann and Kaare Lindberg in Paris. Rest assured you will hear more about the development of Traitement in the following months. For now, enjoy this article and short clip of Heinemann at the Paris shoot.

Nomades Tour 2012 Update #1: Shredding Up London

It's about 6am in the morning, I am with Nicolas Auroux and Mathieu Heinemann in this train bringing us to the meeting spot of the 3rd edition of the famous Nomades Tour. We are the first to arrive, quickly followed by Warren Digne and Robert Guerrero. Finally Mathias Silhan and Stefan Horngacher are here after a hard night partying...It's a rainy first day on our way to Calais, taking a ferry-boat to Britain's south coast.

Traitement now available for Download on Freestyle Culture

Traitement was filmed and edited by Jonas Hansson and features skating by Dominik Wagner, Robert Guerrero, Jacob Juul, Gabriel Hyden, Mathieu Heinemann, Anders Rishøj and Marc Moreno. This Be-Mag production was filmed in Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Chicago, Innsbruck, Barcelona and New York. The video is now available for download on Freestyle Culture!

IMYTA Paris (2003)

Check out this footage of the IMYTA competition that took place at La Defense in Paris in 2003. The comp was won by French powerhouse Mathieu Heinemann who just recently had a solid appearance in Jonas Hanssons latest release "Traitement".

Catching up on Jonas Hansson

Jonas Hansson (the director of Flygt) is working on his new Rollerblading film entitled Traitement which should be released in the beginning of 2011. The project is a collaboration with Be-Mag and will also have a profile on Mathieu Heinemann and some more Rollerblading icons.

Full DVD “PS” online

INSTANT-ANNEE just put up a full DVD on vimeo containing some profiles of skaters like Mathieu Heinemann, Mohamed Syllah, Patrick Francisco as well as different other parts.


While you're waiting for the article about what went down in Myanmar, here's the teaser to Dom West's new piece Blading Burma, with skating from...