Mathieu Ledoux: Fester Pro Wheel Edit

Mathieu Ledoux is currently on set for a TV show in Canada, working non-stop as a professional stuntman. Being the true professional that he is, that doesn't stop him from coming through with this edit to promote his Fester pro wheel. Available now at your favorite skate shop!

Mathieu Ledoux Powerblading Edit by Jon Jenkins

Powerblading goes along with pureblading. The first day on my powerblade set-up felt like home right away. I truly feel like every blader out there should have a powerblade set-up in order to enjoy skating at its fullest. I felt a new kind of freedom with them. I relearned to enjoy skating itself. Just the feeling of rolling around became fun again. I had only 5 days with them for this edit but I know that there are so many things that can be done with these bad boys on. Welcome to this place where the word "Rolling" finds its meaning. Peace! -Mathieu Ledoux

FESTER Pro Mathieu Ledoux in “Back On My Skates”

Mathieu Ledoux is back! The stuntman and allround talent is going to take a break from work, so he can fully concentrate on skating. So expect some more rolling edits of the Canadian. For now we have this brand new piece for you.

Storm Origins – Channel 4 Documentary feat. Mathieu Ledoux

Storm Origins is a 4 minute short film made for the Channel 4 Documentary 'Concrete Circus'! Director Claudiu Voicu showcases the urban sports that have gained fame within the mainstream and commercial world for this full feature documentary for Channel 4. Make sure to watch the behind the scenes extras in the link below for some insights into the level of production and the scope of the project. Enjoy...

Mathieu Ledoux Remix Edit (2008)

This edit is 2 years old and the footage is even older, but the skating hasn’t lost any of its actuality. Mathieus tricks are timeless. Unless you pay attention to his skates or seen some of these tricks before, you would probably believe me if I told you that this edit came from the future. Mathieus unique style and imagination will always stand out and make him one of a kind.

Mathieu Ledoux – Exclusive Interview

Besides a few phone calls as of recent, Mathieu Ledoux was much the same to me as many of you out there. A fresh face, with mind boggling new maneuvers. One difference is I in fact had been following Mathieu's skating for a couple of years now. Not knowing anything of him personally. I viewed each section as a fan, and looked forward to the next.

Mathieu Ledoux: Be-Mag remix edit

In April Mathieu went to Arizona to meet up with James and Jon (X-Rated) to film for his Revolution 90 seconds edit. Although Mathieu is pretty busy doing stunt work for the new TV show called 'thirteen' he found some time to create an exclusive edit for be-mag uniting some of the clips from the 90 seconds edit as well as some new footage from Montreal. As you might know already, Mathieu is and has always wanted to be a true innovator. Combining his rolling skills with his acrobatic moves taken from his parcouring experience makes him an exception in the field of rolling.